Together We Build Contest 3 Winner Results

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The Together We Build 3 Contest has come to a close and I am happy to announce the winner.



Congratulations to @mitchconnor you are the winner of the Together We Build Contest 3. Your prize of 10 SBD is on its way. If you did not win, do not get frustrated I will be doing other contests. I aim for everyone to get involved so we can continue to help one another. I ask all participants to keep coming back as you could be the next winner. Let's all continue to make Steemit a strong community and once again congratulations to @mitchconnor I hope you find a way to pay it forward in your own special way.

Please look forward to future contests and please continue to upvote, comment, follow & resteem my posts. Remember, we all make this contest successful. Continue to spread the love and have a wonderful day everyone.



My most sincere congratulations to the winner and much encouragement to the participants for the next contest.

Congratulations to everyone for participating and giving life to the Steemit network.

Thank you :**

Wow, thank you, you made my week! People like you are needed in this community so thank you so much for your help! I will do my best to pay it forward to the people of Steemit. Together we can make this community grow bigger every day. Greetings from Europe!

My pleasure and Congrats! Yes it really is a team effort. I'm glad you will pay it forward. Enjoy and thank you for joining. Look forward to seeing you in future contests.

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