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Hey there people of Steemit. I received a nice payout last night from one of my posts so now I'm going to pay it forward and do a little contest. It seems like it's the THING TO DO on Steemit. Making contests. And this one is easy. All you've gotta do is guess my favorite food.

Here goes....

DSC03634 copy.JPG


  1. Upvote this post
  2. Resteem this post (so more people see it and can enter)
  3. Guess my favorite food. (You can use memes, pics or just text. Whatever you want)


The WINNER will receive a PRIZE OF 3SBD from me. Why 3SBD? Because I like the number 3.

There will only be one prize. FIRST PRIZE WINS 3SBD. Whoever guesses my favorite food first, wins. If no one guesses it by the payout date, I'll send 1SBD to the person who was closest to my favorite food & let you all know what my actual favorite food is. If no one is even remotely close..... I'll send 0.50SBD to the best answer that falls close to or within my most favorite foods.

I will not reply to any comments until after the payout as to not give out any HINTS.



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Well everyone @cake-lady-jen , @stefen & @allaboutpastries ....unfortunately none of you guessed my favorite food. Some of your answers were in the realm of my top favorite foods but not my #1 favorite food so.....I'm just going to send everyone 0.5SBD for participating and then I will re-post this contest. Feel free to enter again, especially now that you can eliminate some choices. Best of luck in Round 2 of 'Guess My Favorite Food'!

Pickled onion crisps! :-p

chicken biryani?
Italian american cuisine,
Fried fish.

Chocolate? :)X

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Or whitebait ...