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Hello everyone and welcome....

Honestly, I'm feeling hyperactive right now and that's because...

The super eagles of Nigeria will be proving to us that they have come to #stay

As they face off against the known rivals - #Argentina. Rivals not because they're fighting for the same spot in the FIFA world rankings... NO!, And I don't think it's because they have the same qualities... Na! But because we Nigerians feel they are and I support that.


The Argentines are a wonderful team and it's a honor for the super eagles to face them once more in the Russia 2018 FIFA world cup. As the last games in the group stages in group D for both countries, we expect a sensational display of #artistic_football and for the record of games played between these teams, I think that's going to be a spice-up morale booster for the Nigerian super eagles....

Here's the game stat on the Argentines against the EAGLES


This should be one of the reasons the super eagles would be pumped up for tomorrows game....


It's #simple, all you have to do is ...

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Follow me
  3. Comment with the exact score line of the match with the match time in which the first goal is scored


  1. The prediction of the time the first goal is scored should be a maximum of plus or minus 2 minutes of the goal time... That is, If the goal was scored in the 7th minute, your time prediction should be either within the 5th minute or the 9th minute... Just within that range... However, the closer the better....

  2. When more than one predictions are correct, 3 persons will be accepted depending on the time of commenting

  3. All predictions should be made on or before 10 minutes before the match starting from now

  4. Winners will be selected based on following the rules, accurate score prediction plus time of first goal

  5. Prediction should be in this format with no more than one prediction

NIG 2 : 1 ARG

First goal - 23 min

Winners will be gifted in this format

1st - 4 STEEM
2nd - 3 STEEM
3rd - 2 STEEM

I am doing this just and only because I am really really in my fun mode right now and not because I want to show extravagance .... But... However...



@joseid at your service


Nigeria 1 Vs 2 Argentina
14 minutes

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NIG 1 : 3 ARG
First goal - 13 min

nigeria 0 argentina 3

nigeria 2 argentina 1

Nigeria 1 vs 1 Argentina
30 minute

NIG 1 - 2 ARG
First goal: 20minutes


NIG 1: 2 ARG
Primer gol: 12 minutos

Nigeria 1 - 0 Argentina
62 minute

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