36 Hours To Go Until We Have A Winner...In The Most Difficult Contest To Win On Steemit!

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36 Hours To Go Until We Have A Winner....png

We're only about a day and a half until we declare a winner for...

"The Most Difficult Contest To Win On Steemit!"

The Prize?

150 Steem Power delegated to YOU for an entire month!

The Rules?

1. Comment on this post (or the contest announcement here!)

2. Follow me (this is painful, I know lol)

3. Resteem the contest announcement or this post!

Pretty tough stuff I know but I wanna make sure we work for that delegation :)


(The 1 is shaded...but TRUST Me....It's 150 Steem Power....Not 50 lol)

The reception once again has been HUGE! And I cannot thank you guys enough. I've added quite a few new followers so WELCOME to my blog and I hope you get a ton of value from it. Even after the contest has completed, please note...I UPVOTE all quality comments and discussions on every blog post I do. And I respond to them as well.

So even after this contest is over, it pays to stick around these parts lol And don't forget, this is just the second contest that we've held...I plan on doing these every month for the rest of my time on Steemit.

And if you have listened to my ramblings over the past few months, I'll be sticking around Steemit a log long time :)


We will be holding the live random draw for the delegation this Monday July 30th on my Monday Night Thougths stream @dlive . And the delegation will be awarded to the winner who completes these extra hard qualification steps:


1. Comment

2. Follow

3. Re-Steem

So here we go...

36 hours (roughly) until we have a new winner!

Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for taking part in my little contest.

P.S. Remember, if you do not win this month we do it all again in September. But you can always check out @minnowfund for 100 SteemPower delegation rewards EVERY week! Now that's something to get excited about because that's how Steemit is at it's best...People helping people!

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Lol that really is a hard competition :), well here is my entry. If you don't try you can't complain you never win anything right?

ha ha ya. extra difficult! thanks for taking part and your support

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Well I will comment here as well. This is a great thing you are doing Jon. Lots of entry's now. Good Luck all

appreciate it man. yeah it took off pretty nicely :) all that means is more delegation down the road for the winners!

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Resteemed. You make this so . . . so . . . hard to do Jon! LOL

Looking forward to seeing who get's to take advantage of this for the next 30 days. Great opportunity for someone just starting out, and those that have been here a while but need a little help.

Appreciated sir. As always! And yup i hope the winner crushes it this next month :)

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Would be cool to win the winnings will go to my own contest!

Nice nice. Yeah these are great ways to engage more Steemians!

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I wanted to thank you in advance man for whoever winner you're going to choose with your very difficult contest :D [hoping that it would be me T_T]

Be a good steward of your 150 STEEM POWER guys!

appreciate that. had the delegation prize given out tonight :)

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Rivers become ocean with infinity drops of water. This comment is my drop into this contest. Hope for the best.

LOL Nice nice! Hopefully it's a lucky drop :)

I will read your Steemit posts every day!

Awesome hear that! I hope you get a ton of value every time you do read my posts :)

I also participate in your great contest,
hope for the win I'm looking forward to

great contest. @jongolson

Thanks :) And good luck!

Wow this is an interesting contest and very helpful to other steemians. I will join this contest. who knows I can win and 150Sp will I use to help the other steemians.
great work and great contest @jongolson

Thank you kindly! Yup, if we can help each other out, it's a win win!

Thank you kindly! Yup,
If we can help each other
Out, it's a win win!

                 - jongolson

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

welcome. May the steemians get a curation of any quality content generated. Stay blessed and steem on !!

This kind of "difficult" is most welcome, i pray i'm selected and i win some steem delegations, minnow life ain't funny.

It can only get better tho

lol i tried to make it extra hard :) yup good luck!

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I am here @jongolson
I hope get win the delegations.
This is amazing contest

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Awesome to have you here! Good luck!

I've been racking my brain since I stumbled on this... I just don't know how to win. It's so damn difficult. :)

Just follow the rules and you get entered :)

Sure. Thanks :)

@jongolson i already done all these things.. now i am just waiting for becoming winner.. heheh...

very much appreciated and thank you so much for the support. good luck :)

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Hey Jon. The efforts that you are putting in to make this happen is great. Appreciated man.

no no. i appreciate the support. without you all this doesn’t happen!!

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well thank you for this context. i just started steemit afresh after losing my previous account (@nonz), so the 150sp will definitely come in handy, that's if I win.

for sure! and welcome back.

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Is this a fairytale?

I hope I am the lucky one.

Do not be anxious to solve the problem when it's in trouble. Leave the problem in its natural process. In every problem, new possibilities hide.

Not tuff.

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good luck all upvoted

I do not know what to say. It will be very lucky

Not tuff.

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