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JohnnyContest brings to you every month STEEM Guesses - 10SBD Give Away contest (in the future will be more):DQmUGgsDLqhfR98gsDmi7ZnUFYkDWTef1EA44RneUUW33vV.png
To take part of this contest you must:

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Guess my favorite color
in the comments bellow
Limit: One comment/person
Guesses can be submitted until 22 Feb 2018 10AM GMT+1
The winner will be one of the random participants to guess my favorite color.
10SBD will be sent to the winner on 22 Feb 2018
Don't try to edit your responses because I will screenshot them

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I believe it's Blue, I love this guessing game good initiative and very generous from you :)
Hope this will inspire more steemians ;)

I'll go for white. :) It symbolizes peace. ☺☺

I think its gold...

I'l go for GRAY

Your favorite color is green! :)

I bet your favorite color is blue :)

I guess It's Black :D Black Is The Best Color !

Interesting Guesses :)

Your favorite color is white!! :)

Blue :) Be happy & smile often

I think it's pink haha. Peace man. ✌

My guess is black

I'd go with yellow.

Blue? Haha! Cool 😎 Guessing game! Will promote this for fun... thanks

Your favorite color is "blue"

red is your favorite color... ;-)

I think your favorite color is RED.

Your favorite color is Red.

Hello. I guess your favorite color is Orange. :D maiba lang haha

hahhaha , i go for blue sir :)

Uhh! Gettin' insane on thinking.. but your favorite color is RED. :) Prayin'.. wahooo!

Blue color..

It's maroon hihih ;)

Hello! Can i try to guess your favorite color? BLUE!

As I have observed on your blogs, the color BLUE dominated.. I conclude, BLUE is your FAVORITE COLOR.. woaaahh.. pick me!! pick me !! 😊😊

Sky blue I think.

Blue , symbolizes steemit :)

I'm guessing some sort of blue. Maybe aqua blue 😊

I guess blue colour.

gray is your favorite color.. :)

i think black...

Okay. I will. Thanks

I think olive green.