SBD giveaway winner and new giveaway

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I'd like to announce the winner of the SBD giveaway contest as @galoisconnection. Their guess of $2.70 was the closest guess given in the alotted timeframe. The price was $2.28. Congrats to you! This is your second giveaway win. Keep up the good work.


As for the new giveaway, same rules apply. Guess the correct price or closest price of steem 7 days from now and win 3 steem dollars. Also, if there are multiple guesses of the same price, the first one to post will be the winner. Upvotes and follows are not required, but appreciated.

The closing time for guesses will be 5 days from now so you can't jump in last second and win the giveaway. Also, if you resteem you get an extra guess.

Good luck to you all and happy steeming!



can people give mutiple answer? if there is no restriction then my 2nd answer is 2.23

You can give a second answer only if you resteem the post

Hello jgullinese , I guessed 2.37$ on the 5th day and the closing day is always 5 days after the post , shouldn't I be the winner ?
Since the 5th day wasn't over before I guessed

At the time I posted this post, it said your post (comment) was 1 day old, meaning it had been done at more than the 5 day mark. It is based off the time of the post.

Okay but I actually timed my entry well , maybe you should have checked/confirmed with the particular post and not with this one ... but it's all good , congratulations to the winner and thank you for doing this @jgullinese .. thank you!!!

My guess is $2.40


My first guess is 2.97$

First guess = 2.47$
Second guess (resteemed) = 2.37$

Second guess = 1.97$

Thanks @jgullinese! I'm gonna' sit this one out, but I will say that I don't think it's going to get too much worse :-P

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