Win 10 SBD!!!

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Over the next week I will be looking to give away 10 SBD to a lucky Steem user, for doing a few simple things!


  1. Follow and share!!! The VLabs current post on the VLabsMTL twitter page regarding decentralized autonomous organizations, published by Medium. Pls share a verification link so I know who you are ;D

  1. ReSteem and up vote this post.
    In seven days the person who leaves the most creative or original comment here on Steem will be eligible to win the 10 SBD prize sponsored by Volentix. I will select the winner randomly as I will be looking for a creative comment that's interesting or well thought-out. You can even leave a basic one word comment saying hello or a nice photo or a meme, the important part is that you re-Steem, comment and up-vote this post, as well as follow VLabsMTL on Twitter and share the first article.

Follow on Twitter.



Good Luck see you in 8 days ;D


Honestly, I read the article out of curiosity and also to know what my comment should be about, but strangely enough, I liked it. Especially the paragraph in which Cointelegraph article of February 7th, 2018 is mentioned; I mean to think that one day we could wake up to a vending machine that could do all of this by itself is not only revolutionary, it’s mind blowing.

This article is so good, I would’ve shared anyway

Your post caught my eye, SBD sent!

Have a great week sir!

I appreciate it. Thank you very much!

Tell me more about your organization and I am more likely to support you.

Im here because my friend resteemed this opportunity, notice i didnt write post, instead i used opportunity, i will tell you why.

The header simply says Win 10 sbd, to some people, 10sbd is a simple post. To me, 10sbd is a damn opportunity and im here to take that opportunity

Thank you for this chance, i have done as you have instructed. Here is the tweet with my twitter link for verification


And goodluck to everyone, ive passed on this opportunity to other people too

I love these simple contests, made

Did exaclty what you asked. Well, this is actually simple ways, you really want us to all get the chance to wins the price, giving is change to express ourselves in the sense and manner that is acceptable to us, I can say that is generous of you to the call. I'm waiting, whether I will be lucky to be among the few to be selected. Have a nice day ahead.

Will there be only one winner of 10sbd?

At least, if I am inspired maybe two or three winners could emerge.


Every post on steemit inspires a great movement! This community will Sonny realize it’s power and the change it is a part of. Thank you all for your belief in a better future and your efforts and involvement in Decentralized movements like steemit and Volentix. Together we can change!

Done, though two of the things will be in my favor as I will get little curation and after following I will the chance also in your next contest participation too. Resteem will decrease my chances to win because 500 of my followers will contest too. But everyone has right to participate and win and in case the reward gets bigger the no. of winners may increase too. Good luck to me and than others.

Make sure to check out our Twitter too ;p

I did it, my user ID @ParrayDr

I have never won a contest. I want to be lucky once ... so I'm trying to do it from your post.

Amazing idea @jazminmillion and thank you @volentix and @vlabs for this sponsorship and you role in advancing the crypto and open source communities! Godspeed!

This is an interesting article, I think DAO's will disrupt just about everything, and it is an interesting response to human corruption. I still think strong human leadership will always be needed, and a pure democracy is only as strong as the group of people is. If the group of people become selfish and short-sighted, the group will destroy itself with bad decisions. That being said, DAO's have a huge potential for growth.

1 million thanks ;p

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