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week #7 image
color: red

Hello steemians, I thank all participants of the week #7 contest, And our winner is @jclucero who happens to be the first person to guess the color right, then @androssgb and @dinglehopper became second.
Your payment and delegation will be made soon.

Congratulations to the winners.

Now to week #8 contest:
jayboi contest.jpg
The above image consists of two main colors what are they...

    To participate
  • write your guess in the comment box below.

  • participants must Resteem this post.

  • participants must follow @jayboi and @xemurai

  • participants should upvote this post (optional), but please do to help this contest.

  • The first participant to guess right gets 3steem from @jayboi +200 steem power delegation for a week from @xemurai.

  • The second gets 2steem +100steem power for a week.

Winners will be announced after the post payout

Goodluck To All Participant!!!


My Guess : Red and White

Thanks a lot !

Thanks for participating

Purple and white

Thanks for participating

pink and white

Thanks for participating

White and purple

Thanks for participating

Black and Red

Thanks for participating

Red and green

Thanks for participating

green and purple

Thanks for participating

blue and yellow

Thanks for participating

Purple & White

I guess Purple and White.

Thanks For Participating

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