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The Results are in from my First Crypto Charts Contest. Here are the winners from the original Post!

This is the original post.

First Prize
3.5 sbd

Second Prize
1.5 sbd

Third Prize
1 sbd

They won based on adding up their guesses on the Price of BTC, LTC, and Ethereum Today.
The total liquid SBD was 7.5 and I'm giving away most of it.
This week's contest will be more simple:


STEEM . Possible retrace to .00045

Bullish . Currently at .00055 level. Recent surge plus the daily MacD and RSI suggest a pullback to the moving averages and .5 fib area of .00045.
But overall a crossover in the Moving Averages is a bullish sign.

#ETHEREUM . Bearish Retracement before Bullish Continuation
Currently around .094 but has not met Higher Highs so could retrace to .5 fib levels of .062 where all the Moving Averages are clustered. Bearish MacD & embedded RSI . We'll see.

LITECOIN . Bullish Pressure to Breakout

Bullish Pressure building up. Bullish MacD and RSI . Moving Averages swooping up. It has been ranging. It needs to get .017 resistance level to be sure. Currently around .0159 level.

BITCOIN . No Man's Land

Bullish MacD and RSI .
Bearish Moving Averages and Trend.

Bitcoin is catching lots of heat from Crypto Enthusiasts eager to dump their one time love for flashier and "faster" options. My question is, how many of you are actually using crypto transactions on a regular basis? How many of you are in the USA? How many of you are living your normal life while the Billionaires muscle their way in on Bitcoin?
Because the Billionaires are muscling in on Bitcoin. CME , CBOE , Future, Options, Institutional Trading & Investing. Like it or not, Bitcoin will be the icebreaker for all other crypto. So where it goes, we all go.

Currently Futures closed today and price did nothing. Future options are currently trading at around the same price as Bitcoin current.

Current Price $10920.
Trend suggest $8000.



Simple Rules


2) Reseteem or Share (if you tweet or facebook, leave a link)

3) WHAT IS THE PRICE OF STEEM . FEBRUARY 1 . 8am Eastern Time Opening.

Just basically guess the price of STEEM at 8am Opening on Thursday February 1st.
It is currently at $6 or .0005515 BTC. So leave your comment in both USD and BTC.

FIRST PLACE = 50% of Liquid SBD from this Post.
Second & Third Price = share something close to 25% and 12% of the SBD.

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steem $6.825

Hello @jacobts thanks for the results of the contest. When you published the contest I said that I was in because there results would be the day of my birthday but I forgot and didn't check my account until today and I was seeing some extra SBD and when I see the transfers then I noticed that you send it so I decided to check the article and I see then the results and I won.

The best birthday gift!

Thank you for the contests.

Jacob I have actually just come to say hi to you.

I have noticed several votes from you lately and at first it was like, "Sweet, always nice of him to send a vote or comment" but then it kept happening and if you have put me on auto-vote, I came to say thanks for that (also/maybe) LOL

I have always liked hearing from you as you know, so thanks either way.

I am going to send you $1 SBD now for your contest thingy here brother.

I had a tough week but little things like a few votes mean a lot to some people, more than you might think.

Shalom dude.

Thanks again man.



Thank you for this thoughtful message. I hope you will see this reply. Otherwise, I will try to be more active in your comments soon. Life has been full of changes these past couple of weeks.

Yes, I am trying to consistently vote for people I appreciate. I appreciate you. I appreciate what you share and why you share it. I appreciate your positivity and informative information. The SteemAuto Voting Service lets me know via Steemdb what I have voted on so I do not miss your content and supporting it as well.

In time I hope my account grows so that my vote is worth more. In time I hope we all succeed with our life goals as well as our goals with steemit. In time I look forward to maybe even working together to help each other's goals, who knows.

In general though, I am wishing you well on all you continued success. I look forward to seeing you around soon. Have a great day Barry!



I cannot see everything here but I did see this. UV this nice comment.

I have always liked you, you have plugged away like me and been here and those are just some of what I appreciate about you.

I joined Steemit during the worst period in my life as you know about the car running me over and it has ruined my life.

Steemit is all I have right now as I enter the corrupt court system in the state that has also sought to ruin me over the years due to my very public stance on public sector corruption.

You have just kinda always been here and so we are kinda like brothers, joined here same time, muddled along, Steeming away LOL.

Be well man, I do appreciate every vote and especially consistent ones, no matter how much SP is on the table.


I am wishing you well with everything. I am sorry for any uphill challenges. Hopefully things continue to get better for you. All the best to us all.

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📈 7d
SBDSteem Dollars6.457$-9.67%10.45%

Shared on Twitter / Tagged you. Took a shot at the police state too LOL

Nobody hardly ever follows all the rules at all doing contests, trust me, I see it and have tried too man LOL

no answer because all the exchanges completely freeze up

oh.. my dear, I really feel dizzy when seeing chart, ha..ha.. going up, up, down, up, down, down,up.. but this is nice contest. :)

For Example:

STEEM prediction February 1 . 8am Eastern

$7.50 usd
.00055 btc

STEEM prediction February 1 . 8am Eastern
$7.59 usd
.00065 btc

STEEM prediction February 1 . 8am Eastern

$7.23 usd
.00053 btc

I will throw in a guess and say $7.35 USD.

I never work with the .0000 BTC price because it is always moving and not in synch LOL

steem price will be $7.0

Today market


Steem Prediction February 1st