New competition: I'm giving away a lot of steem and drug.

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In recent days, the drug has arrived in the city and here on steemit people are preparing for war. Who will succeed in winning and creating their own empire ... it is not yet known but now the gangs are forming.
One of the next updates will be the possibility of forming alliances and supporting each other by transferring resources or warriors. Hence my question, why not anticipate the process.
I have invested almost 100 steem on this project and I am getting good results, in the next few days I will be able to produce more than 120k of drugs.
So I decided to give it away a bit 'and when they do the updates I will transfer it to you. You can consider me as a drug bank.
The amount of drug you will receive will depend on your level here on steemit:

Reputation Drug
25-29 3k
30-39 6k
40-49 12.5k
50-59 25k
60-69 50k
> 70 70k

But what do you have to do to receive this drug and give yourself to drug trafficking?

I've been playing SteemSlotGame for a few days now and I'm enjoying it. I have invest 8 steem and I have already earned and retired more than 70 steem.
I'm not a lover of gambling but I have to say that they have a great bonus program that will allow you, after doing 100 games, to earn some steem based on your reputation here on steemit:

Screenshot (80).png

If you have already signed up, it's not a problem, tell your friends and if you sign up with my link, you will receive the drug both.
Once you have won, you can immediately withdraw them at no cost.
What are you waiting for ... see you in the drug wars;)

This is my reference link. Thank you;)

Bank customers

Name Drug Steem Paid
@fbslo 70k 16 steem paid
@sciack 25k 4 steem paid

I'm guessing you want us to use your referral to that slot game? Maybe it's my phone, but I don't see it. and the image has no link either I think.. :-)

Ahahah I forgot to put it.

Sei un grande jack, ma non ho mica capito di nuovo cosa caz devo fare 😂 mi perdo a leggere in inglese!

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Ahahah. In pratica se ti registri con il mio link di riferimento e fai 88 giocate ricevi 4 steem bonus da Steemslotgame e 25k di droga da me;)

Ok, I just did. And also restemed and upvoted your post mr. Banker. :)
Good luck!

You're welcome.

P.S.: Actually I still have to do the deposit, I'll do it in the days to follow.
How long does the chinese new year bonus last?

It had expired a few days ago but they had decided to extend it for a few days. I do not know

I made up my mind, I won't be depositing to steemslotgame.

Ok, if you change your mind let me know the drug bank will always be open.

I played 88 spins on SteemSlothGame (and lost 5 STEEM)...

Oh, thanx for the warning. :)

You signed up with my link and it was the first time you played, right?
If yes, you should receive 16 bonus steem within 24 hours and I'll add 70k of drugs;)

Good news you received 16 steem bonus on steamslotgame

I don't see any STEEM on my account.

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You find them on your steemslotgame account

My balance is 0.000

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it seems strange, I received the bonus this morning. Ask here

They will answer you as soon as possible.

I saw that they sent you 16 steem, I hope you enjoyed steemslotgames ;)

Io dovrei aver già fatto!

Dopo parlo con i capi ;)

Buone notizie, hai ricevuto 4 steem bonus su Steemslotgame

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Complimenti per l'idea @jacksartori. Al momento come puoi notare ho pochi steem nel mio wallet, mi sono già loggato con il tuo ref, non appena avrò modo giocherò alla slot.

Thanks a lot as soon as you reach 100 games let me know that I add you to the list;)

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