These are the fun contests of @fibra59

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I want to tell you about a couple of challenges that keep the Steemit community fun: #photobombchallenge y #memechallenge both are from @fibra59

Participating is very easy, cheer up and have fun with all the entrances of the participants. There are several prizes!

PhotoBomb Challenge


Every Thursday they announce the winners and the new Challenge begins. It's very simple, enter here and follow the instructions: PhotoBombChallenge

Meme Challenge


It is just as great as the previous one and remember that the photo must have text to be taken into account as meme. Enter and follow the instructions here MemeChallenge

You can also access the @fibra59 account and be aware of their publications.

Let's have fun!

The source of the images are from the @fibra59


These competitions make steemit so much fun!

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