Steem Monsters 10 Booster Pack Giveaway Meme Contest!

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Steem Monsters 10 Booster Pack Giveaway Meme Contest!

Everyone seems down lately....including me.

So, let's have some fun and share some Steem Monsters love courtesy of my good friend, @aggroed.

I found these 10 Steem Monsters Booster Packs the other day in an old shoe.
So, I'm giving them away!

All you have to do is make a damn meme.
Make it funny or sarcastic....or any emotion you want really....just make sure it's about Steem Monsters mmkay.

I won't be judging this contest so I have no idea about the prize structure.

Maybe one person will create the most amazing meme ever invented and will win all 10 Booster Packs.

Or maybe 5 people will win 2 packs each.

Or maybe no one will even pay attention to this post and there won't be any submissions so I'll just set the Booster packs on fire in an angry fit of rage.

Who's to say?


These 3 randomly selected cats will be the honorary judges of this amazing meme contest.

Don't let them down.

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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Hi my friend, greeting from venezuela.
My meme:

lol I love it!

Thanks to the pal @buyergv, while messaging posted the screen of his pain, that's how this meme was born!

@isaria, hope, you have enough Boster Packs to share to me and to my sad friend - maybe the new cards will give him hope!

lol yes I know that pain quite well

Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 12.55.22 AM.png

don't you know, there is pain because of the loss to cheaters with 3 cards

This is mine


Here's my submission to get the @minimining monkey off my back


" Frozen soldier" It sounds like me after 2 hours skiing

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LOL it sounds like me whenever I try swimming at camps bay beach 😂

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Here it is - 12 today. Can not swim because the ice. Want summer!!!

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Cool contest! Thank you!


Hello, here is my meme.

LOL this one is a classic already got me to giggle

Hey Kitty judges... I've got some cat nip for you for no reason not a bribe I'm a cool dude.

And what about this?

My last one ;-)

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Entry for the meme contest :-)
SM greed.png



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LOL i know this feeling all too well

I think anyone who has played the game knows the feeling

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Hi @isari , nice giveaway.

My meme:

images (9).jpeg

Here is my Meme


as variant to get image easy

Чувствую себя, почти легендой:)

Если нравится - то апни коммент! ;)

А вообще - что вы, крутаны, в Серебрянной Лиге все делаити, а?


Hey @isaria,
Hope I'm not too late with these memememememmeememememeemmeme's

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Good luck everyone, I'm hoping to see some more funny memes :)



Gosh this one took some thought its like 2 or even 3 memes in one lol


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And this one!

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I am a Twisted jester.
Everyone seems down lately....including me.
But, My heart no matter how sad, but on the stage, I will laugh and make you laugh.
You see me, think that I am very happy, in fact, I am also very down lately / unhappy.
You see me like a fool, but I think you are a fool because I took your money.
You thought that I was Performance a stupid drama. In fact, I was Performance your life for sarcastic you.
I am ridicule of you all. You are also applauding for me.

First thanks quite a lot to this contest !
My try:
quick quick before steem monsters eat all booster packs send them to me, I will open them very carefully and give them good home with every day enough to eat and drink.

@chekohler this contest is for you my memeking

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LOL i guess I could give it a shot

And give me 10% ...

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in the previous season xd

and now

Guys pls bring back the minnowsupport writing was a real help to minnows here. @minnowsupport just stopped without explanation to their followers, please don't give up the good deed.