Los Angeles! If you live in or near Los Angeles, you need to read this!

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Urgent! Tonight! ALL ARE WELCOME!


If you like to laugh, cry, or even just simply be, you must attend. Not attending will carry with it the consequence of missing out.

Embrace your FOMO

If you have any sort of performance skill and you're not afraid to show it and/or are afraid to show it, but have determined to face your fears, COME DO YOUR THING.

Tonight! Hollywood! Fun! Free!

7pm Pacific Coast Time (19.00 for anyone on military time)
Tonight (July 7th, 2017)
4350 Normal Ave (Club Red Dragon (The Red Dragon Cafe... It has both names, kinda))

Just show up! Bring yourself and your friends! I'll be there by 6pm, so feel free to come early and introduce yourself. I look like my profile picture. I have a big beard and am named Brendan. Everyone will know me.

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cool! ill be busy tonight! record some videos maybe, i wanna see the steem group!


I will! Tell your friends to come by! Do you know anyone else on Steem in L.A.? I'm the first adopter of my L.A. friends.



You coming?

Great job organizing this. I'm not in town, but hope it goes well!


Thanks! You do live here, though, right? Just not in town temporarily?


I don't live in the area now, but I do come there for work sometimes.