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IFC All Star Round. (Open to anyone who wants to play!)

in contest •  8 months ago

Cool. :) Thanks for letting us know, appreciate the feedback! We'll be happy to have you be a part of our game whenever you're ready to play! By the way, I'm not sure if you read the quest or not.. But this All Star round is open to anyone.. You can play in this round if you want to. The first place winner gets in addition to the 15 steem a bonus 15 XP and a relic for next season. :) Would be a good way to get your foot in the door so to speak! Though as I mentioned.. No pressure! Whenever you're ready, we'll be happy to have you play in our game! :D

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Thank you so much! I would say this game is ingenious it is as much fun for spectators as players.
I was kind of wondering if one had to be on the list to play.
I have been back tracking some to see what i missed. I do remember saying a few months back I wanted to catch the second season from the beginning.
I don't have a prayer at winning but staring in the transition round would be a good landmark on my personal journey.
I will try to come up with something if just for that reason. The two week deadline helps a lot with that.
Thanks again.


You're welcome so much. :) Thanks for sharing more of your thoughts about the game. I am a very humble person, but.. I agree. It is a pretty amazing idea, however.. It would be worthless without the community who are it's constituents. So.. It's a great idea, but.. It's also an amazing group of people as well. :)

And that's one of the coolest parts about this game I think is how much the players shape the game, they've created numerous of our quests, and artwork like the logo for our IFC, and even a song! They also named the city "Cryptopia" and many other things, and now they get to decide where out future is going and what castle we will inhabit next. :D So I think that's a really cool part of this! I like to think everyone has a voice in our community, we decide a lot of things by popular vote so it sort of mirrors Democratic governments in a sense. Anyways I think I'm starting to ramble on! Lol.. Umm..

So... Yeah it may be a little more difficult for someone like yourself who hasn't played a round yet, but.. If you're a good writer.. I'd say you got a good shot! It might be someone like yourself who wins who didn't even play in the regular season! Wouldn't that be interesting! :) There's been a lot of interesting things like that.

You're welcome! Thanks for giving it a go! If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help. ._.


Yes I was here for the song. Started tagging along shortly before that.

If you're a good writer.

That is almost humorous :D I am pretty well known around here for not writing much.
Just like the idea of trying out a lot of different things.
That is one of the things that makes the game appealing. Seems in the course of a season a lot of variety is included.
Anyway enjoy your birthday. See you at the games



Oh cool.
And no worries, you don't have to write a lot. You just need to capture the attention of a majority of the judges.

Sometimes it's less about size or quantity and more about imagination and a unique perspective or point of view! :)

But yeah also, the IFC is a very diverse contest, lots of different things to do! That's part of the fun for some, the challenge of being tested in new ways often. However for most of the quests we do allow people the opportunity to choose between writing, or drawing a picture or making music or a video or just about any way you can express a particular subject! Though, generally.. If you're a good writer, you probably will do well.

Thanks for the nice words at the end! I'm having a great birthday. See you at the games as well headchange! :D Should be fun.