Song of the Day (NYE Contest Edition) [14 STEEM In Rewards]

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Happy New Years Eve fellow Steemians! I'm settling into my pre-party nap before going out for the evening. Long night ahead of me. Found a great party with a solid lineup of DJs going for 24 hours and I intend to make the most of it.

So, normally on NYE I always ask myself this one question: If I were DJing tonight, what song would I play right as the ball dropped? What song would I play to usher in the new year?

Now I want to know your answers.

It's always been an interesting question to me and while driving home I figured that maybe it would be an interesting question to you as well. So, I'm throwing my first contest. I'm not a big baller on Steemit or anything, so my rewards are pretty meager and it's what I have freed up from SP at the moment. Still, I'd love to see what you guys choose as your pick. Answer in the comments or make your own post and link it in the comments. I'm going to listen to literally everything and make my decision based on totally subjective vibes of what I think would fit that awesome moment of ringing in the new year. Looking forward to seeing the responses.

Edit: @jasonbu graciously donated 10 Steem to this contest upping the reward pool. Big thanks for your donation!

To Enter, just post the track you would play right as the ball drops below with a little description as to why it is your pick. Or, you can make your own post and link it below.

1st Place: 7 STEEM

2nd Place: 4 STEEM

3rd Place: 3 STEEM

I will be announcing the winners on Wednesday 02JAN19 and sending the STEEM out that day as well.

Also, I want to be clear, this is my first time doing a contest like this, so if I'm doing something wrong or weird let me know.

With that said, I'll kick things off with my entry. The Thin White Duke Remix of Royksopp's What Else Is There?

This might surprise people who follow me on here for a while, but there is something so optimistic and uplifting about the song that every time I've heard it I've just thought to myself "this is the feeling I want to carry into the new year." Wonderful vocal for Karin Dreijer of The Knife and Fever Ray on this one, but it is really Stuart Price aka. Jacques Lu Cont under his Thin White Duke moniker that sprawls this out into an epic feel good anthem. Yes the Trentemoller remix is the iconic one, but this one gives me wonderful vibes when I hear it.

Excited for those entries! Thanks for reading and best of luck in the New Year!

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Hey man, way to go on getting a contest going. I can't do an entry for this one but sendung you 10 Steem to add to your prize pool. Best of luck on the run and hope you get a ton of entries :-). Happy New Year!

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Hey! Thanks a ton! I'll update the post accordingly! Happy New Year to you too!