Tell me the happiest memory of you to be on my auto upvote list!

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Hello everyone!

Here's another chance to be on my auto upvote list.

This time rules are simple: All you need to do is writing your happiest memory in comment. If you want to write a long post, you can write a post and send link in comments as well. You have 1 week to write your happiest memory. Don't forget to upvote and resteem this contest for more visibility.
If there's enough competitors, there will be more than 1 winner!
You don't have to be in Vietnamese community to join this competition.

Have fun!


My happiest moment is I and my wife managed to live together under one roof after many years waiting (finding a job, get a place in the same city, and seeing each other daily, not like once every 2 weeks like before)

I can understand you so good, but frequency was 17 days per year for me hahah.

I know you can relieve now xD

In 2015, I had a far accident and broken right thigh and right knee. This is the saddest memory but also the happiest memory because I am still alive.
I took three years to practice. At the moment I went back to normal, I could run, jump, swim and boxing.
This is my X-ray image
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It's really interesting, how is your leg after surgery?
Thank you for sharing, I hope you're feeling good now!

My happiest memory was the time I've traveled Japan with my grandma, I can still remember her happy and satisfied face when I bought her expensive jewelry for her lol.

Thank you for sharing your memory, you're already on my auto upvote list though.

My happiest memory is spending time with my cousins at christmas!

How do you spend time with them in christmas? Playing tabletop games or something else?

Don't have memories because i'm not in your auto upvote list!

Why not, I sent you few upvotes for memories then hahah
Didn't you be happy in your life even for once?

Of course yes, but I have many happy memories and so hard to say it is the most happinest memories so i talk about the most happinest in this month: My company held a surprise birthday party for me in last week, so surprised and happy about this.

Wow, it's so perfect! It must be really good surprise for you.

Yep, very happy for me.