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I decided to do a 30 FREE BITSHARES GIVEAWAY to 10 Steemizens this week to give back to the community


Analysis points that BITSHARES will rise greatly in value in 2018

What if,....

How to participate

  • Have a BITSHARES wallet
    (If you don't have a BITSHARES wallet, open a wallet at wallet.bitshares.org)

  • Follow

  • Resteem this post (I need the free publicity)

  • Upvote

  • Comment your favorite cryptocurrency below with a short reason why you like it.

  • Add your bitshares username to your comment

  • Contest ends at the post's pay out

  • The top 10 comments with the highest upvotes will recieve 3 BITSHARES each.


(My best crypto is DOGECOIN because it has very low transaction fees. the transaction speed is also pretty fast compared to other cryptos.
My bitshares address is hokpulor-00088)

Our current sponsors @medinho, @gamsam & @bhoa

New sponsors are welcomed and highly appreciated.

If interested in being a sponsor, simply comment below or send me a message on steemit chat.

Username: hokulor

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Thank you hokulor for this wonderful contest.....my favorite cryptocurrency is electroneum. This is because it had been designed with mobile-friendliness and fast transactions in mind. It is also built on its own blockchain. My bitshare address is grace-oso25


thanks for participating

Enjin coin. It's a gaming currency, which allows players to store their virtual goods on a blockchain. A decentralized platform to create, manage, distribute, and trade virtual goods.

wallet: cryptoroast1


very educating , thanks for participating

I like Cloudcoin because it is fast and easy to use.

Get yourself 5 free ones at the link bellow.



Cloud coin! Thats a new one, thanks for sharing

My bit share user names : ganesh2gani

Ripple will be my favorite as it has shown its capabilities and is one of the most secure alt coin. Other than that their are many crypto that will make you rich in 2018


Very nice coin there, the transactions are quite speedy and cheap. I think this coin would wow the world soon

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