3,000 CBNT ($90) is still available to new users.

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The potential of a startup can be estimated from its roots.

Last week, I proposed that minnows have an opportunity to become whales on Create Breaking News Together (CBNT), a new content platform that’s trying to branch beyond its current market. The project’s China-focused dApp has surpassed 100,000 users and they recently decided to pursue a global application.

It’s clear that the platform is off to an explosive start since visits have grown exponen

tially; there’s nearly a 1,000% increase in visitors compared to last month.

The Opportunity is still There

CBNT is just 3 months in and while its visits and usage are skyrocketing, the project is in too nascent a stage to have any whales.

The CBNT token is mined by creating content and engaging; any time you like content or leave a comment, you get the native token. The vast portion of the platform’s tokens have to be mined and since it’s been live for such a short period of time, no one has had enough time to take the lead in CBNT holding. This means that the battlefield is still relatively even and minnows across the globe have an opportunity to become a whale on a new content platform. This has been asserted before and this assertion still holds.

There’s a key difference between CBNT and STEEM. STEEM is a blockchain and has a wide number of applications built on it ranging from games and casinos to funding channels and content platforms. Steemit, a content platform, is just one of the many applications on STEEM. CBNT, on the other hand, is only an application and thus cannot be compared to STEEM, which is a blockchain.

Regardless, anyone who believes that blockchain-enabled content platforms have a bright future has a unique opportunity.

While the early days of STEEM are long-gone, CBNT has just started. This is the right opportunity to monetize content—even the content that you have already published on other platforms. This is the right time to monetize your curation skills, regardless of your wealth. This is the rare opportunity to monetize your desire to consume content as even liking content leads to CBNT mining.

But before you get started with mining CBNT, there’s a means to get a head start with 3,000 CBNT, which is valued at $900.

The project has already paid for listing on Bibox in May, and this has been confirmed by Bibox in a Telegram response. Bibox is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

For those who do not seek a long-term stance on the platform, once you have claimed your 3,000 CBNT ($90), it’d be good to sign up to Bibox to prepare in advance for the upcoming listing. It’s worth noting that since competition is very low on the CBNT platform, all users have a high chance of receiving payment for their content. So, you can quickly accumulate beyond 3,000 CBNT for free and grow your holding to become the first whale on CBNT.

Start with 3,000 CBNT ($90)

Because 3,000 CBNT is worth $90, there’s a few steps to notch down.

  1. Sign up to CBNT.
    In order to claim the 3,000 CBNT, use the referral code sCthNr when you sign up. This code signifies that you are a STEEM user signing up to CBNT; thus, you receive the bonus.

  2. Verify your email after signing up.
    You’ll be redirected to the website; log-in now.

  3. After logging in, go to this page: https://web.cbnt.io/person/vertify

  4. You’ll have to fill a KYC process to claim your free 3,000 CBNT ($90). This was put in the agreement to make sure people do not abuse this opportunity by making multiple accounts. I can speed up your KYC process by notifying the team once you've applied, so let me know.

  5. While your KYC is being verified, you need to make 10 actions: you can do this by liking other articles. You can also post content and start accumulating CBNT while your KYC is being approved.

That’s all!

Each CBNT is priced at $0.03 and are planned to be available to trade on Bibox this month.

You can start mining CBNT today to build up your holding. The platform's growing rapidly but it's still very new so competition is still low. If you have any questions on claiming the 3,000 CBNT ($90), drop me a question in the comments section.


The first 15 people to pass the KYC get 1 STEEM for free. Just post a screenshot.
Those who have already participated last week cannot participate in this round.

Connect with me:

My Twitter
PM me on Telegram

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I forgot to send you this after passing KYC on CBNT... is it too late? I DO love this platform and have received my 3,000 CBNT (not all at once - they spread payments over time which I'm fine with that). Inkedscreencapture-web-cbnt-io-person-vertify-2019-05-07-20_30_43_LI.jpg

!tip 1

Awesome! :)

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CBNT has to change a lot to make it possible to join.
I tried to set my phone at the desktop view. Guess what? If I do that I am not even able to log in because I can not slide that piece into the puzzle.

Hello CBNT this is 2019 we are living. Every one has a cellphone even in China they do!

Still do not have the reward and the service is bad. No respond at all.

There's an app for the mobile view.
Otherwise, I'd recommend using a laptop/desktop.

I have already done this but over 2950 tokens are showing as pending and I don't know how can I get all these points. Can you please help me on this. Thanks

Posted using Partiko Android

If you received pending tokens, a portion will be released to your wallet daily.

Ok. Thanks

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i am failed to log in :(
please help me

That's odd.
Perhaps try a different e-mail.

Are you sharing this

Posted using Partiko Android

How can I be a part

Posted using Partiko Android

Just follow the steps stated in the article.

What if I don't have a driver's license or passport @hatu?

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National ID?

It seems like this is another steemit in making

Hello i already sign up and doing everything. But when i wanna add signature and photos i have internal server error. Can you help me?

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Posted using Partiko Android

Could be a browser bug. Just close the browser and reopen it. If it continues, just try a different browser.

Thanks mate. I will try do it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Still i have this problem. Hmm any ideas my friend? I try in Explorer, brave and chrome.

Posted using Partiko Android

Quite strange.
Give the support a knock here: @cbntofficial.

Everything is ok already . Can You speed up process KYC? :)

Posted using Partiko Android

I just sign up now from your link. Thanks for sharing. I really interesting CBNT.

Welcome aboard! :)
Tipped below.

Interesting site, must definitely be more researched! love to hear about all kinds of airdrops!

Done with same userid

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I pass the KYC

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I was finally able to pass the KYC verification this morning, still waiting for confirmation.

!tip 1

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@hatu, I am spending my time on this Platform and hope that it will going to grow in near future.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, I look forward to that too.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

Money yes hhh

Posted using Partiko Android

Okey mate i did everything. Can You speed up my KYC process? :)

Posted using Partiko Android

Hey, I'll pass along the request. :)

Good opportunity for everyone. Thanks for this post.

Is it still available?

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Thanks for the info You provide :))


Friend @hatu, is a great opportunity, I have already registered but I have not been able to complete the verification process due to problems with a phone, I think that tomorrow I will be completing the process.

Can I go publishing and commenting on concrete?

Yes, you can still mine CBNT through comments and likes. You can also earn CBNT by publishing content.
However, the 3,000 CBNT will be issued only after the KYC has been passed.

Give it a shot tomorrow and if you still face issues, let me know.

Ok friend, when I have everything ready, I take the screenshot and I put it in a comment.

Thank you

Do not load my images and the format is jpeg

Be sure that the image size is within the constraints.

Cant log in dont know why... Sucks

Posted using Partiko Android

Try again.

My kyc approved

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This is a good website.
Quite a lot of people,
Upvote and resteemit.
Its 3,000 CBNT, which time will issued for we?
I joined it at Last week.

It should be there already. Access it here:
My Wallet > CBNT > Pending

follow your instructions to view it,
It seems like this...

As shown in the figure,
official seem is pay it all 365 days .
I know now, thank you.

I am worried, I have not completed the formalities.
So I can not to get it.
so I hane some worried.

I have received it, thank you.

it does not allow to sign up

What do you mean?

I press register and nothing happens

Posted using Partiko Android

thks for the info, I did it and following you

Thank you for this post. I signed up and have passed KYC on CBNT.

CBNT Passed KYC steemit.jpg

How do the steem bounties work

hey @hatu I did all the steps can you speed up my verification? thanks bro.

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