Vote For Top 3 T-shirt Designs For My Band & Win 3 SBD

in contest •  4 months ago

Finally its Merch Time!
Alif has been around for almost 10 years now.
Our band is finally getting some traction in India and we think this is a good time to start preparing some merchandise.

My brother just designed these samples for us. We are looking to pick the Top 3 designs and send them for print.
We are all currently voting internally for our Top 3 designs.
I thought it will be a good idea to take an opinion of the Steem family as well.

I know these are a little bit local and more inclined towards the fans and supporters of the band, but I would love to hear your thoughts on which ones are good design wise.
Which of these T-shirts would you wear if given an option.

And a little contest around this wouldn't hurt :)

So here are the simple rules:

  • There are 11 designs below. I have numbered all of them.
  • Pick your Top 3 designs and write their numbers in the comment below. For example: My picks: 1,2,3.
  • If your picks (all 3) match our final ones which go for print, I will send you 3 SBD.
  • Maximum of 2 people will be declared as winners.

Sounds good?
So lets look at the designs:

1. Shoshe Ka Chasma - Frame


2. Shoshe ka Chashma - Call Out


3. Shoshe ka Chashma - Face


4. Like A Sufi


5. Alif


6. Everything is Alif


7. Everything is Alif - Paint brush


8. Alif in Urdu


9. Everything is Alif - Urdu


10. Everything is Alif (One Alphabet)


11. Qalb-e-himmat


Looking forward to your comments. This will also help us understand what a wider audience likes.

And if you feel like you want any of these Tees, let me know. I take payment in Steem 😁😎✨

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My choice is

  1. 5
  2. 7
  3. 9

hope it matches your choice. All the best

my like is 4,7,10, best of luck

pls also follow & upvote to my post.

My selection: 3,7,11

I vote for 3, 4, 8
That's work for me amazingly. Upvote & resteem done to get more opinions.

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