BEST COMMENT - Winners Announcement

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Hello my friends!

I'm so happy that you liked my first contest. And I believe that this is not the last competition!

All your comments was amazing. It was so interesting to know your thoughts and desires. And I hope that all your plans will come true. Have you already written down your plans on paper? Goal setting is a powerful instrument. Don't forget that ;)

It was difficult to choose only few comments...

So here are winners!

@muhammad007 - 4 SBD from @johnstone

@dranonim - 2 SBD from me

@fjmb86 - 2 SBD from me

@resuscitate - 2 SBD from me


And thank you all for your comments! I wish all your dreams will come true!

P.S. Will it be interesting for you to participate in such competitions? Next time will be more winners. Write me your ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon!
And have a good day!


thanks a lot ♥♥♥♥

thanks a lot ksenia

Hey @muhammad007 how would you describe Ksenia in one word?


Thank you so much from me and from Sea-Dogs!
Ура!!!! Меня сосчитали!!!! ;-) Большущее человеческое спасибо и от меня и от проекта Sea-Dogs!!!

Прими мои искренние поздравления! Congratulations to You and to Sea-Dogs!!!!

Большое человеческое спасибо!

Wow. Such great contest and I missed it. Feel bad though. Anyways I'm up and ready to jump in and do my best on the coming contest. You are doing an amazing job. Please do not stop. Continue putting smiles on faces.

Thank you @happyksu for hosting such a good contest. Now your name will be written with golden letters in the history chronicles of Steemit Russia Team I highly appreciate what you have done and we will all support you all the way till you reach that whale position here on steemit! Great job! I love it.

Your presentation is excellent. I follow you, hope you have a creative writing of good quality, always help us, thank you.@johnson

Brother, I will flag you in the evening for wrong-tag zpamming if you don't correct it to @johnstone

As for now you receive confuser special-badge role sticker in our awesome Discord

Thanks. I greatly appreciate it

Congrats to the winners, probably i might win next time.

@happyksu you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

@flagfixer Thank you very much!

Hey @happyksu do u actually read your comments? Have you seen boys miXspellex it why you keep wrong dead account links in your best-award winning page?:-)

@johnstone Я все комментарии по нескольку раз перечитала. Не совсем поняла тебя, что не так?

Ну как бы имя моё стимовское неправильно пишут))) тарик и мухамед посмотри как меня в коментариях называют)) Мухамед правда вроде как хочет исправиться, а тарик просто забил, и поэтому наверное, получил уже флаг в другом месте.

А...Не заметила, извини. Очень жаль, не могу исправить

Да знаю что не можешь))) А те кто могут - не хотят исправляться)

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