Steemit Zoo Contest #9 Pets in Costumes! Win 10 SBD every Monday

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Hi Steemians

We are back :) As the Steem price was very low in the last weeks, it was a bit difficult for me to run this contest, because I am a Minnow myself :) So today I have decided to start again and hope everything goes well.

Our pets are our good friends and little babies. We want to see them happy and comfortable all the time. Wearing nice clothes whether in Halloween or other occasions. Share a photo of your pet wearing a nice costume and You will have a chance to win!

Cats, dogs and other animals are accepted in this contest. And PLEASE only ORIGINAL photos. I dont want to ignore any user and I dont want to see anybody upset. So lets follow the rules, otherwise I will flag any stolen photo.
Only photos related to the topic will have a chance to win. A photo of your pet wearing anything nice you choose!!!

I cant tolerate cheating anymore. This is a contest to support Steemians so lets do it the right way! You can be creative and welcome to join at any time.


The rules

  • Share a photo of your pet in a reply to this post
  • Use only your original photos
  • One entry per person
  • Upvote this post


We will have 3 winners.

  • First winner 10 SBD
  • Second winner 5 SBD
  • Third winner 2 SBD

It is very easy. All you need to do is reply to this post with your pet's photo.
You can upvote your favorite photo in the comments below.
The winner will be determined by our weekly judge.

If you want to support the challenge:

  • upvote this post
  • Resteem this post
  • Participate in the contest
  • Donate to make it possible every week and better in the future


- I will announce the winners on the next Monday, so please submit your entries till Sanday midnight. I am already excited to see your pets photos and wish you good luck :)


If you are interested to be the judge in this contest and have fun doing it, please contact me on Discord.
The judges will choose only photos that are related to the topic.
They can not enter the contest in the week they are judging.

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Hi dear @hanen This picture was taken a few minutes ago.

I have taken some pieces of cloth, mesh and decorative ribbonsand with silicon I made a pretty striking tie, sorry but my dog ​​is big and it is not customary in Venezuela to buy clothes for large dogs.
The name of my dog ​​is Dominique Jake Queffelec Gonzalez, commonly called Domi, is 1 year and 9 months old and is a very calm and affectionate dog. Thanks for do this contest.

Have a nice day, with love Domi and Carla from Venezuela.

Domi is a very cute doggy and looks nice with the glasses on :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Aww thank U :) the glasses give a touch as interesting jeje
seems to say, good afternoon, sir, I'm sir dominique in what I can help?

Hhhh absolutely :)

Welcome back :) He looks very cute today! Good luck in the contest!

Soooo cute :) I wish you good luck in the contest :)

Hi hanen, this my entry to the contest..
Me and my lovely jessy....

Jessy is sleeping peacefully on your shoulder :) Good luck in the contest :)


Hattori Hansko (Hansko Ratovich)

Oh thats an original Samurai Guy :) Good luck in the contest !


His name is Tommy and he is my best friend, he always accompanies me everywhere, he has a lot of fun with me, we always have a good time together.
In this photo he is disguised as "Chapulín Colorado" and I'm a diabolical nurse.

Oh thats a lovely photo. You look beautiful and Tommy looks nice too :)


I present my puppy Bambu, that wants to be the lion king, he is very affectionate and loves to play with me. He is my faithful companion

aaaw is so cute

Bambu has lovely eyes :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Hi, this is my entry:
Its name is Isabella, is an adorable puddler blach and wight. Greetings form Venezuela.

The beautiful Lady :) Thank you for joining and good luck in the contest :)

I present my puppy Turrito


He is a charming cocker spaniel, which in Christmas we dressed him as Santa and ran around the house, cheering everyone in my house.

Thats a cute Christmas Boy :) Lovely photo! Good luck in the contest :)

Lovely photo! Good luck in the contest :)

great challenge @hanen
I like to participate but Unfortunately I don't have a pet

Good luck to the participants

Then you need to get a nice kitty purrrr :)

yes, i need to get one

jajaja very funny dog jajaja have a nice day

Would like to participate but have no pet

Maybe next time if we have a different topic :)

Thanks man
I love been truthful

Me too!!😭😭

But why Momma?🐕

In my defense LiLy loved the hoodie and wore it around for a while after the picture. She wasn't a huge fan of the glasses though.

Oh thats cute! I didnt know that they love that :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Look at my pet, called her kity

She is cute and very serious :)

Excellent your contribution friend, I would love to participate but I have no pet, I would have liked to be part of the contest, luck to the participants

Then you need to get one for the next time :)

Hello friends, I present to you my little pet called Zorro, he is 8 months old. One day he came to our house to visit and immediately adopted us. He has a lot of charisma, his follies and poses we fell in love with; now part of our family, happy life with his feline inventions.

Hola [email protected] les presento a mi pequeña mascota llamada Zorro, tiene 8 meses de edad. Llego un día a nuestra casa de visita y de inmediato nos adoptó. Posee mucho carisma, sus locuras y poses nos enamoró; ahora forma parte de nuestra familia, alegrándonos la vida con sus inventos felinos.
Imagen 001.jpg

Thats a small Baby! Cats can sleep anywhere when they feel comfortable :)


This is my entrance I'm sorry I do not have to decorate my dogs but here in my country Venezuela a disguise for them is very expensive ejej a big hug for you from Venezuela

Nice to see you :) I wish you good luck in the contest and enjoy your weekend :)

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This is my pet, his name is Romtum, loving and caring dog, he serve as alarm to me any time i went into a dip sleep. I miss you dear.
Romtum was inflammation or infection of
the ear, ear canal. In external otitis, the ear hurts when touched or pulled.
Oforturnatly he pass away early this year, its so painfull.

roarrrr I am a strong lion!CdkHvurUYAArprh.jpg

No doubt :) Thank you for joining the contest and good luck :)

Penny is hairless and needs coat for cold days


Oh thats a lovely outfit! And that nice hair cut :) Good luck in the contest!

Thank you :-)

Hello @hanen i came to know about your contest today. I tried to upvote this post but it is not coming.this is how i am getting when i try to upvote this post

But i upvoted your other post. U can see it.

This is my participation for this contest
My pet name is Nikki and its in costume dress for contest

She is very cute :) Thank you for joining the contest :)

I can not give upvote to you in this post. I upvote and resteem on your new post.upvote and resteem proof

Here is my entry:

Pet animals have been engaging with human life since the primitive period. We mean to say pet that the animals which are cherished by the hobby. In many cases people have chosen pets to get rid of their loneliness. So I chose my favorite pet rabbit to get rid of my loneliness. My rabbit has a few children who are very naughty but they are very nice to see. I share some pictures of my rabbit and his kids here

Dont worry it is not a problem :) These Babies are tooooo cute :)

Thank you very much my dear friend

The ninja girl.

Hhhh the beautiful Ninja Girl :)