Cryptotab Browser rewards up to $ 6,000. WINNING is random - opportunity for everyone.

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Total of 5 prizes with a total value of 6,000 USD.

First place: 1.600USD
Second place: 800USD
Third place: 400USD
Fourth place: 200USD
Fifth place: 100USD
...another 300 random participants will get: 10USD

Conditions for participating in the race and receiving prizes

You just need to be the one using the CryptoTab Browser. If you still haven't used this browser, download it now and join the race with me. Rest assured, this browser has versions for both win, linux, android and ios.

How to WIN

Just introduce 3 users, you have 1 ticket of victory

Everything is very simple right? Download the browser to use and join now.

From today, 01/08/2019 has more than 30 days to receive a winning ticket

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Earn more rewards with your Steemit account. Check through some of the ways at this post.


is this browser allowed in android phone?

Yes! Dear friend! It is available on all devices.!
Good Luck!

You got a 5.26% upvote from @luckyvotes courtesy of @haccolong!

This is great! I will try my luck!
Thanks for share!

Good luck :)

this is good contest
good luck for all
thank you for sharing

Like a lottery game, very small opportunity with nearly 5 million users.
Thank you for being here and good luck!

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