GP Contests: NextColony Comics

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  • Draw your own NextColony comic
  • Make it funny (not offensive) to at least yourself
  • Post it in the comments here


Every unique entry gets 0.25 STEEM. No winner. Winning the game is sufficient. Contest goes until end of the month.

If you don't know what NextColony is, go try it out:

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Go to
Select or type in guiltyparties
Click VOTE if typed in


Here is my entry. The full explanation is forthcoming in a video :D

thank you! :D




Hahaha now that's accurate

Absolutely NOTHING to do with the contest, but #snookmademedoit (@snook)

There you go, my own piece of artwork, at its best!

Just to pitch in with something, even if it has absolutely NOTHING to do with any games.

Its good fine art.

So said Picasso, yet he had to die for his "fine art" to become "expensive art".


wait, you are making me play a game? to draw a comic so I can win steem? :D

You get the STEEM just for trying.

This is why I love steem.

[Drawing of Spock goes here]

"Illogical. According to my calculations, planet Alpha's sun will have gone supernova long before you get to build your first ship."

The bar is set so low I'm wondering if this should count.

Of course it counts. Sheesh.

fun contest.

It's a pity I'm not good at painting :P

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