GP Contests: Board Games and Shampoo

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It's time for another small contest.

How to Participate

  • Find a board game
  • Find a bottle of shampoo
  • Set up your board game as if you're playing it
  • Put the shampoo bottle right in the middle on top of the game
  • Take a picture of it
  • Post in comments here


0.25 STEEM per entry
2.00 STEEM to the best board game/shampoo combination


  • One entry per person
  • All entries must be unique
  • No Photoshop or photo editing
  • No video games, puzzles, random children's toys or playing cards -- just board games and shampoo (chess/checkers acceptable)

Cheaters will be disqualified. All entries will be showcased on the GP site when its updated.

Contest closes on February 2nd when the first groundhog in Ontario, Canada sees its shadow.

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Since I don't own any board games, I made one just for you @guiltyparties. Fun for all the family! Guaranteed!


Me: Mom do you have any board games?
Mom: No
Me: you don't have a chess set?
Mom: yes and a cribbage board.
Me: those are board games..... where are they?
Mom: uhmmm? Under the TV
Me: 20190130_185508.jpg How OLD is this?
Mom: Oh me and my Sister gave that to our Dad.
Me: !!!!!!
Mom: tells a story about her Dad, my Grandfather, who died before I was born
Me: WOW! but you know the box is not in mint condition :D
Mom: Yes, the Pickers would not pay full price.

@Guiltyparties contest: Priceless!


Cribbage board circa 1945


HA!!!! Hahahaahahahahahahaha. That's hilarious.


This is really an antique


it really is, I was shocked she still had it!!


I sold a few grandfather's board games.
Otherwise I had older than your board games.

I like this contest, this my entry:


This contest idea made me laugh. I travel a bunch so I grabbed some hotel shampoos that I had in a drawer. One of my favorite board games is Redneck life. I HIGHLY recommend it.

I took some additional photos and ended up making a full post out if it-

This is my entry
This is a ludu game.

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Congrats! You're the winner.

Hello, this my entry


My entry uses the game "Mars Attacks: The Dice Game". You play as the Martians trying to take over the cities and monuments. You roll dice to determine your fate, whether it is to succeed, roll again, or get nuked. A fun, quick game for all ages.


The way it is arranged it kinda looks like the Martians are after the shampoo in the middle.

very good contest, this my entry



i'm not sure if you and @themarkymark are still on it but if you are you should check @ camillesteemer ... it looks like "one of those" again, or just still hanging around ... @guiltyparties

it looks like a rampant patch still and at very low SP too :

/steemUX/commands$ ./updatehistory.sh0 goldmanmorgan
{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "condenser_api.get_account_history", "params": ["goldmanmorgan", 10000000000, 1602], "id": 1 }
elgato@Tyrnannoght:~/Desktop/steemUX/commands$ ./parseaccounthistory.sh0 goldmanmorgan downvotes
checking downvotes
downvotes cast:
downvotes received

not sure what this will do to the math of the whole system but its definitely not steemit- or ned- sponsored nazis like steemcleaners it looks more like one of those bots who where rampant a few months ago


They're just a network of random flag bots. They have very little power so ignore them.


i would but the thing is that this is the backbone for a game which is used to create a simulated virtual token, even bots with little power steal "credit" from people voting on it ...

i know there's nothing to do about it, im still hoping some witnesses will lobby for a total removal of negative voteweight so this thing becomes actually viable for business and finance (otherwise its just a lightning fast transaction free honeypot for trolls ,no?"

thanks for responding anyway :) .. good luck with the witnessing, must be hard to come clean on the bills at current rates, ttyl thanks


You can't remove a negative vote. Let's say you see a post that has a lot of voters and its complete shit and something you disagree with should be rewarded. Let's say for the sakes of argument that its someone who hates you and they wrote a post about who you are with your personal info. You'd want that flagged right? It's a double-edged sword.

Thanks man.

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What a very random contest..... But I love random. Give me a few hours!