Meditation Contest #1 Winners Announced!

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Thank-You Steemfam

I am truly blown away by all the positive feedback and all the great entries I have received this week. I have met so many new liked minded people and I also see many new friendships being forged amongst you all. This was a big factor for me forming and running this contest. Of course, getting people interested in meditation was my first aim. It is fastly becoming my main focus here on steemit as I see there is a need I can help fill. The positivity in the feedback and your loving support moves me deeply. I am inspired to think bigger and find more ways to give back to you! So thank-you for that!

Real Life Use Case of Meditation

Last week was one hell of a week and I want to share how meditation saved me from life's circumstances spiraling out of control. Two weeks ago I got pulled over and was issued a traffic ticket for failing to clear all of the snow off the top of my car. A few days later I wrote a check and mailed it into to the town. Simple nothing more to it....... or so I thought.
On Thursday I was driving back to my job site, my co-worker was with me and we got pulled over by the police. When I questioned the officer as to why I was being stopped, he explained that he had ran my plates and discovered I had a warrant for my arrest! I was surprised and reassured him it must be a mistake. He took my documents and went back to his patrol car. When he returned he confirmed I indeed had an active warrant for my arrest and instructed me to exit my car and to follow him. At this point, he turned me around and placed me in handcuffs! This was a first for me and needless to say, my heart rate elevated and I was confused as to what was happening. Next, he took me to the back of his car and put me in a very tight box in the rear. I had a car accident a year or so back that left me with several herniated disks in my neck and back. When he placed me in that tight space with my arms handcuffed behind my back, my neck and shoulder where in immediate pain. As he walked back to my car to interrogate my co-worker my I started to have what I can only explain as an early onset of a panic attack. Between the loss of my personal freedom, the pain surges in my neck growing, and my confusion as to why and what was to happen next started making me feel out of control in my body. All the viral videos I watched of police officers shooting people for no good reason started replaying in my head. My heart raced even faster....the pain in my neck and back got stronger....I had an overwhelming urge to run or scream out! Steemfam I WAS IN REAL TROUBLE!!! I was stuck, trapped like a caged animal, my future unknown. My mind was racing uncontrollably! What did I do you may be wondering?
First, I moved slightly to my side to find a little comfort for my shoulder and neck which left me facing out the window. I then found a soft spot at the top of the door frame to rest my head upon. I began looking out the window and watched the tree's slowly sway in the wind. I began to get my breath back under my control. Deep breathe in....hold.....deep breathe out...hold...repeat. . I knew what I needed to do and I knew I could do it! It's a common form of meditation I learned years ago. Next,​ I knew I needed to regain control over my mind and all those scary thoughts I was having. I meditating using yet another technique I have practiced. I imagined myself sitting on a river's edge each thought or fear I would have I would watch it float down the river. Simply watch it float with no attachment. I was actually meditating in the some of most unreasonable of circumstances. With my breath under control, my mind followed, soon thereafter my emotions calmed. I had regained my personal power. The greatest power each one of us has is​ the power over our minds and emotions. I was grateful in that moment for my meditation practice​. It saved me from who knows what mentally and physically.
I'm sharing this story with you to inspire you to meditate or meditate more. You never know when it will be your greatest ally against life's curve balls. Life is always throwing us curve balls big and small. I want you to know that we have no control over them but we do have control over our minds. That is life's real test. How will you react when life throws a curve ball?

What I Learned

For those of you who want to know the why and what of it all, here is how it happened. Remember that traffic ticket I got two weeks early? That measly $54 summons I mailed in. Apparently, the police officer who issued the ticket FORGOT to check the box that says "Court Appearance Mandatory". So I missed my court date and the judge issued a bench warrant for my arrest. Initially, when I learned this I was outraged! Can you blame me? I began to think of all the ways I will sue them, all the self-righteous things I will say to the judge and officer for putting me in this unbarable situation. But long ago I learned one of greatest gifts you can give to yourself is forgiveness​! When we forgive someone we actually release​ all the anger and pent-up​ negative​ emotions we carry in our minds and bodies. These can and often cause us harm and dis-ease. It's akin to swallowing a poisonous pill when we trying to hurt someone else. It makes no sense right!? So I choose to forgive the officer and judge for me and in a way for you Steemfa​m. This whole incident​ actually gaves me a great way to show you the real power of meditation and forgivness! Leaving you with a prfound sense of respect and gratitude.
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And The Winners Are:

  1. @eaglespirit
  2. @kp138
  3. @yogajill
  4. @riverflows
  5. @thelovejunkie
  6. @sherylneil
  7. @jamal.jeje
  8. @c77hall
  9. @khiera
  10. @lavanyalakshman
    Thank-you to everybody who job picking the winners was very difficult and I must say you all are winners in my mnd! Please keep a look out for my next contest and please consider entering it.

Special Shout Out

I wanted to talk a moment to personally​ thank @jerrybanfield and his @budgets ( a project of supporting people who are trying grow the community here on steemit). I urge you to check him out if you don't already know him. Get creative on ways you can grow our steemit community and reach out to receive help from @budgets! Jerry sending you love from me and the Steefam at large! You big heart and bright soul haven't gone unnoitced!


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Nice :) , thanks

Upvoted & following you!

“To win without risk is a triumph without glory.” - Pierre Corneille

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Don't you having anything on your mind?


Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé. - Alphonse de Lamartine

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'What am I?' does not equal 'I am a human.'.

Agis avec gentillesse, mais n`attends pas de la reconnaissance. - Confucius

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You actually didn't.

Great contest. Thank you @ground2feet!

It's been a great pleasure to get to know you @ground2feet. I appreciate and applaud your effort to encourage and grow meditation practice among the steem community!! Kudos friend 🙌🌱💗

I am blown away by the experience you shared. It sounds terrifying. I am sorry you had to endure that. But, grateful you had cultivated enough of a meditation practice to fall back on it and remember to use the amazingly powerful tool that it is, when you needed it most. I'd bet your teachers are so proud of you!!

It's a great surprise and honour to be among the group of winners!!! It really helped boost my whole week to win a spot by sharing a piece of my life.

Special congrats to @eaglespirit for your win too!! Much love friend!!!

I look forward to getting to know you better. And, wish you great joy, love & peace new found friend! 🌸🌹🏵 namaste!


thank you so much @yogajill you are a sweetheart! :)


You're welcome Eagle 💗


anytime, you are great!

Yay!! Thank you for this awesome contest and Win!


Love it!


pure celebration, and then a need for meditation afterwards ... :p

Meditation is without a doubt incredible, transports you to another place, frees you, fills you with peace. The peace we seek so much in our day to day.

Excellent story and inspired way of handling things, congrats!

I missed on the Meditation Contest unfortunately and don't know exactly what it's all about, but I'll dive into it now and try to participate in the next one, hopefully! :)



Shucks too bad you missed it but I'll come up with a new one soon and hope you can play along! Following you and will check out your posts! Stay Blessed!


Appreciate it!


First of all, I absolutely adore your posts! You are like that Universal sign, that says "There is a way. Try". I say this because I'm receiving them in a different forms all the time =) I first discovered an actual biggest forgiveness when I drowned into the deepest pain. After a very long way of trying to just "erase it", make my mind believe something else, dose it with pills, or even write it on a paper, my heart would still scream. When I couldn't handle this pain at all(not physically nor mentally), I remembered how I used it on some people at school. And it always worked at the end, even if they would consider me weak - I knew my heart is strong and loving. Fear of forgiveness is simply ego. So I kept on breathing and imagined hugging this person, telling him "I forgive you. I truly do. I know It is also difficult for you to take these chances, but I believe If I love you with all my heart, I want you to be happy with someone else. I couldn't give you things she can, but I can still love you without causing pain. Unconditionally loving. I forgive you." And then I also made it even more suffering for me just to make sure, I imagined hugging both this man and the woman he stayed with. Especially her. I also apologized to both of them and imagined them holding hands walking down the road as I was watching. Letting go. For a few minutes, It felt more like suiciding my soul, torturing it to the core of its pain, without knowing If it can actually survive, but long term - I actually became free. Now, If a person would throw me x10 hate, I'd throw them x100 love. For this, is exactly what makes my heart speak with no words, but kindness. Of course there are still times, when I'd say "burning you should be legal" - in a half joking way of course, but I'm learning to cut my ego, before it hits. And still learning. From forgiving my parents to forgiving myself. That is truly powerful. And I think realizing it - is already a huge step. I'm happy to see sooo many people catching up here! <3


Wow, what a heartfelt vulnerable response! Firstly, I want to make sure your ok with the suicidal thoughts or have some support. It seems like you're thru it more but just want to make sure you're supported. Being in love and letting go can be some of the most painful experiences we can endure. It hits on many levels....heart, mind, and ego. I loved the part where you said when one throw 10x hate you return it with 100x love. Those are powerful words and I wish more people on our planet lived by those words....mathematically​ it would end suffering fast!
Your wisdom leaves me feeling that an awesome relationship is on the horizon for you! I'm sending you a huge cosmic hug and want to let you know YOU MATTER! Blessings and love @unlimitedhorizons!


OMG thank you so much!!! <3
Well, Thank God, I never had suicidal thoughts, I mean hahah =D It was painful, but not as much, plus it was super long time ago. Thus, never have I been more grateful, than for something that made my whole life change! Catching your HUGGGG haha =) We all matter! Can't imagine what this planet would do without us =) Namaste @ground2feet


Hi@rizwan9994 nice post

yes good luck always friends ... hopefully we become a good community in this steem. I like the way you look good side to each other .. good work

I didn't get a chance to participate... maybe next time.

about the meditation you used, I have one like that I call it my safe place. I just close my eyes and imagine myself in my favorite spot on the beach in my hometown on a sunny day. a couple of breaths into that meditation I completely relax and quiet down my mind.
You really handled it well , thank you for sharing


Wow, I like the name of that meditation...."safe place"! Great meditation....I am thinking of mine now and will try using it moving forward. Hope you can participate in the next one as I know you have a lot to contribute on the topic!

I like your story, and still have to get used to the broad western term meditation which covers everything from relaxation to concentration and breath awareness. But a meditation contest, seriously? Competition totally defies the purpose of meditation ;)


LOL, you're correct! It was a contest to create posts about your personal experience taking time out of a busy life to connect with nature. Meditation is a personal experience and can't be measured in some way to "compete" in some way. My aim is to bring a comunnity of like-minded people together and share our journey in some way here.
I'm not attached to the word meditation and mean it no disrespect either. Gaining facility over our thoughts and emotions by being fully present and non-attached to the present moment was just too long to fit in the title lol.
I would love to hear more about your ideas on the broad definition of the word meditation! A post would be read and probably enjoyed deeply by me and surly resteemed by me to share your ideas!
Thank-you for your comments and I am happy to have met you this morning!! Blessings​ to you my friend

Oh wow!! I won my first contest on Steemit!!! I am grateful for you and your contests @ground2feet! Thank you!

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Thank you for content. Spirit of solidarity


You're welcome dear brother!

Thanks for the post, it a nice one

Thank you so much @ground2feet for choosing my entry. More power to you and the community. Xx

Nice I like the words


Thank you and welcome back to the platform!

Thanks so much for your support. That sounds so scary! I love how a constant meditation practice can save us when we need it most. Sometimes we don't know why we are doing it and then a challenge steps in and our brain goes straight to the breath and we have control and choices again. xx


Well said @riverflows! Practice makes perfect​ at the perfect moment!


My girlfriend (vip meditator) said the other day that the whole exercise is because when you are at the moment of death, your entire focus is on the breath, and breath only, so your thoughts don't go to old habits and imprints/impressions, and thus carry them through into the next life. I loved this idea.

Thank you so much for the opportunity you've given us. I'm so honored to be a part of this contest, and is actually my first time here in steemit. Thank you! :)


Awesome! Thank you some much for your participation and I hope you enjoy steemit as much as I do!

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