Daily contest - Litecoin's todays highest price

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This contest closes at 11:00pm / 23:00 EET

Story short/✒

Place your bet of todays highest price for litecoin that it will reach before 11 pm and you will win 50% of SBD this post receives.🙌

Rules to take part:

  • Only one guess & comment it down below
  • Have your comment placed one hour before deadline which is 10pm / 22:00 EET

  • All contestants must upvote this post to be in it
  • The unit must be in USD for example :
    301.5 USD
  • The High Price will be determined on the prices that are listed on https://coinmarketcap.com.
    Winnings will be paid to winner after all Post Earnings are cleared through the seven day cycle period.


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Very Very good contest for win litecoin. Thanks for sharing such a good post.

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