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1. Visit The GOLD Mine Discord server

2. Go to intel-room

3. Copy the 8 character Gold Code

4. From your Hive account send 1 Hive to the goldstreet Hive account, using the Gold Code as your memo

5. Wait to receive your Personal Gold Code and 20 Hive and 10 ACOM (maximum wait time of 12 hours)

6. On receipt of your Personal Gold Code return to The GOLD Mine Discord server and register your code with your hive username in the gold-id-verify channel

7. There is a huge amount of undiscovered gold in the mine, so ask around and find the Code Keepers. Also look around, check channels and keep digging to obtain the Master Gold Code. Remember, not all Code Keepers hang around The GOLD Mine!

8. The first person to discover and then register the 16 character alphanumeric Master Gold Code in the rewards-room channel in The GOLD Mine wins 1000 Hive.

Note: The Master Gold Code does not have to be registered in any particular sequence.

The GOLD Mine Discord Link

The GOLD Mine project is run in conjunction with ACOM token and the ADSACTLY community.



Awesome... going to try this...


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