The Maze contest!!! FINISHED/Over

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Here's a short and quick contest I'm calling The Maze #1

If you want to win Sbd you have to follow the rules listed below.

Rule 1: upvote this post and resteem this post.

Rule 2: once you find your way through the maze you have to post a picture of it in the comments down below with the correct path you took.

Rule 3: You have to draw you path through the maze from start to finish with a color besides black or white and if theres a picture of the maze in the comments already you must use a different color then that person before you.

Rule 4: You have to be a follower of mine to win.

I'm going to pay out .5 Sbd to 2 people that finish the maze the fastest and that follows the rules. Do not cheat if your caught cheating you will be disqualified from this contest and the future contests.

I know people are going to try and copy off of the first person to post a pic of the maze in the comments, don't do this because it might be the wrong path to the finish and its also cheating. So if you see a pic of the maze in the comments and lets say the person used the color red for his path you must use a different color for your path if you don't then you will not win!

Make sure you read this whole post above to qualify for the Sbd, if you skip a rule sorry you wont win.

Good luck everyone and have fun!!



Finally after trying for an hour, thanks for the wonderful contest.

Congratulations your the first winner, pay out will be later today.

Hurray, thanks a lot @godofbit

Your all over the place going through walls hard to follow your path

Yeah had issues. Using a phone was worried about that. For what it's worth I do cover the same lady as the green. But you the are the organizer my friend.

Fixed and replaced

Thank you and now you did you resteem the post ? I shouldn't have to tell you that, but I like to help out minnows like myself.

To be completely honest i figured out how to do that yesterday. Lol im going trial fire here. Stumbling along as I go. But got it now. Thanks

Ok now your good I'll pay out later today I'm at work right now.

I'm in no rush bud. Thanks for the contest

Hi! this is my path


Sorry bud wrong path but thank you for trying

Good contest, but I'm busy today so I won't try... It suits steemit and would be great if you can do more of it (just make them different.)

Thank you and I'll do more, what do you mean by different?

I meant "don't repeat the same maze even after few months." because I know you won't repeat the same maze in short a while...

Ok i got you. Thanks for the info

Yeah, right.. no way my eyes are going to let me through that maze... LOL. Still such a very fun challenge.

Thank you for your comment