My 100 follower giveaway!!!

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I just wanted to say thank you to all of my followers. It means alot to me and will keep me motivated to keep going and making more and better posts. I really appreciate everyone for supporting my blog and keeping it going. As a thank you for my first 100 followers I have made a giveaway and will announce who the winners are at the end of this post.

Also as another thank you I will do the giveaway at every 100 followers, so the next one will be at 200 followers and then 300 followers and so forth....

It really means a lot to me that yinz, the steemit community are interested in what I have posted so far and I can assure yinz that there will be more post and as time goes on they will get better and more interesting.

I hope that my original followers will continue to follow me on my journey to become an awesome blogger, and I hope to see new followers so we can continue the giveaways and maybe we can help each other grow larger and even become whales one day.

I will be doing another giveaway / contest tomorrow evening at some point. It will be a maze contest you will have to find your way through the maze if you find your way through I will be giving away Sbd to the first three people that find their way through. So stay tuned and make sure you check out my post tomorrow evening for your chance of winning free Sbd

Ok so this is how the giveaway worked I wrote everyones name down on a slip of paper accordingly to their entries some people got their name written down twice some people got their name written down once. Then I put all of the names into my crown Royal bag and then I let my girlfriend choose the two names out of the bag. I did this so people couldn't say I was being biased this is why she picked them.

And the two winners are:

Winner number 1 is : @gregcar48

Winner number 2 is: @thevillan

Congratulations to the two winners!!

If you didn't win this time that's fine because you can still enter the next one at 200 followers just keep a eye out for My 200 follower post it should be coming out soon I'm already at 131 followers so we can do this together.

Don't forget at 200 followers the prize will be 2 sbd to 2 followers.
Also im doing a little giveaway tomorrow evening. Just look for my post it will be called The Maze!!

Thank yinz for your support here's proof I paid the two winners


Yay I won, thanks m8 I appreciate it.
I'm happy to help support you ;)
Will keep an eye out for your competition tomorrow

Thank you for your support. Glad to see you stop by.

I was just looking through my wallet, and realized that I won your contest. So I’m writing to thank you @godofbit, though I didn’t help to support you just for the prize. Happy Steeming!! I’ll be checking back to view your posts, and thanks again, @gregcar48.

You won fare and square my girl picked your name out, and thank you for the support I appreciate it.

No problem, happy to give it. 👍