Keep the link contest entry week 6.

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I donated a couple of SBD to @ijmmai for the continuation of this contest.

Because of that conflict / involvement, this is a promotional entry only.

This is my image.


The idea of the contest is to utilise the objects to interpret, inspire and create your own image.

This week's image resonated with me.

These simple objects were a reminder of some of the personal pursuits I have adopted during recent difficulties, to distract and fill my time.

It also got me Steeming again after a bit of a break.

Thanks @ijmmai.

This is the original image from @ijmmai.


1. The guitar picks.

In my image I used the numerous picks I have hand punched from recyclable / upcycled plastic.
I can't throw out this kind of plastic anymore, I just see guitar plectrums.
PM me if you would like some, I like steemit snail mail.

2. Pin.

Along with the picks I have tried my hand at some jewellery, badges, pins etc.
The little box has some different pins and fastenings in it, with a crafting pin badge shell on top of it.

3. Tooth pick.

I took from this the pick element.

When my hands behaved I enjoyed picking style guitar playing.
This is something @cabelindsay reminded me of with his beautiful playing, and encouraged me to pick the guitar up again too with- The vision quest challenge.
@d-pends also prompted me to write about my humble guitar during his 100 days challenge too. Even if I did only make it half way through the challenge, and am an unreliable contributor to steemit, all of these things have helped me immensely.

This is the link to the contest.

I recently took a break and a trip in pursuit of treatment for my health. I have had some helpful advice from some informed doctors and continue to try, with a degree of renewed hope.

Much of my energy has been renewed by engagement on this platform. I will hopefully be back into this soon.

Thank you steemians for your kindness and support.


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I hope that your health will be restored to you fully - and soon. Much love!!!

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Holy moly, that is a serious number of guitar picks there! I can just imagine you going from place to place punching out guitar picks out of anything that might be even suspected of being made of plastic.. Cue maniacal laughter!

Yep, I may have revealed the amount of ice-cream and nutella I consume, for a good cause. Nothing escapes the pick punch.


  ·  last year (edited)

So happy to see you post again, even if it is just for now.
Thanks for your ongoing support for my contest. I have decided to not spend your gift all at once, but spread it. Hopefully you agree with that.

And now to your picture. Wow, that is a lot of guitar picks. I see some brand names, did you go wild on empty containers with a guitar pick cutter?

Guitar fiddling is relaxing for me too. I use the Yousician app. Some say that is not the right way to learn how to play, but I find the app very motivating to practice longer. That should help getting better at it too, I think..

I really hope you will be feeling well enough to start posting on a regular basis again.
Take care <3

My daughter is a bit of a natural musician. She taught herself to play guitar from YouTube videos and surprised us. It's amazing what you can learn. She already played uke which helped. I have been looking at art and craft techniques on you tube, I like to listen to someone explain to actually watch it over again.

Regarding a gift, it doesn't come with terms or conditions. I am not familiar with vote and promotion things, but don't mind if they are used, (especially by people who are working hard and struggling to gain exposure.) Except those on the trending pages with multitude of accounts stripping the reward pool and rorting the system, I'm not a fan of that. I don't know enough about all of the different schemes,( and there are many, ) to have an informed opinion. Use my tiny donation as you see fit.

Yes I have a pick punch. No ice-cream container or gift card survives, or makes it out of my place to be recycled . 😎

I had a ukulele chord app a while back. I don't remember what it was called, but it would demonstrate and play chords etc .

A natural! wow, so jealous :)
With me it kind of worked the other way around, first the guitar, later on the uke. Both are a lot of fun.

Youtube is a great source for learning new things. I keep watching vids on macrophotography, even if they tell about the same story, it is still fascinating.

I am not much into upvote bots either, don't use them for my regular posts at all.
Maybe next week I will just add an amount to the total payout, see how that works.
It is a bit trial and error :)

"Long time no see" @girlbeforemirror just share your passion in life in steemit and you can enjoy it like me. I am not giving up on my goals and have many plans in my life still so it inspires me to go on despite it is hard. I also would like to paint soon like Bob Ross.
Regards to your family. :)

Nice post.
Keep steeming

I hope you get well soon.
Btw what's this contest about.i am afraid I failed to understand it 😂😅