Post an image! Win 5 Steem!

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Utterly pointless contest time!

Resteem this post, and reply with an image.

Only an image. No text in the post, other than the image source.

You could win 5 Steem!

What kind of image?

I have no fucking clue!

But it can't be racist or sexist.

How will you win?

I have no fucking clue!

Can't do most upvotes, people will cheat.
Can't do least upvotes, people will just not post til the last second.

So, post a random ass image, and you could win!

Could be a funny image.
Could be a weird one.

But, since I don't want to encourage copyright violation, it has to be fully legal for you to use, as in public domain, CC0, etc.

Source your image!

The ONLY text I want to see in your post is the source, and copyright notice, if required.

If I see any other text in the post, you will be disqualified.

If you don't have the source in your comment, you will be disqualified!

If your image isn't legal for you to use, you will be disqualified!

Got it? Good!

Image judged after post payout.
This is a random ass image.


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You are good! Kinda amazing to find an image like that CC0!



Amazing frog👌👍


source: my phone

Source: Venera 13. Soviet probe on the surface of venus. March 1st 1982

Source: that's me and a hippo.

Which one is you??

You have tell me more about how you did this @unicron! This is a new side of you I didn’t know, I am intrigued.
Looking forward to our next meet-up! Huggins & good luck my friend!!

Source>photography during my brothers acting

Hahaha, love it.

Ah cool you have a Blimp :)


Yeah its popular because he is an actor

this is about him?

Hope that doesn't end up being the only time he becomes famous. XD

Does that mean i cant post my brothers pictures or that am disqualified

Nah. I was worried at first when it showed up, but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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my drawing


Source: Me

Eww! your cat's a grossy!

He sure is! He picks that over filtered water in his bowl!

It's got that just pooped in flavor!

Ahahahahaha! Sick


Source:Taken by my phone showing my brothers dog after taking her for a walk to the beach

Source: @fiorebird phone and this bad ass cat

Source=my Funny friend

nice puppy!

Lil Bug Buddy Jammin' by ELLi.jpg
Photo by ELLi ( Me )

source:my phone


Source: my kids

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source my own phone ,, fresh

Source: my friends sleeping at night class

thanks man

LOL! Awesome pic man.

Source: My friend, let me know if you need more info. It's legal though. lol


Source: Random pic I took in class with a friend

source: my phoneIMG_20170523_124137.jpg

source: my phone

the Moment i see it, i regret i didn't come up with it...

HA! I vote this one :') the simplicity... the brilliance!


[Image credit](i snapped it myself)

DSC01109.JPG Source: A picture i snapped myself

Source:My phone

2015-01-14 11.35.52.jpg

Source = Me


Source - my phone

source: my own image


source -


Source: My phone. Taken at Wicked Dogs bar, Poblacion, Makati PH


copyright @psychkrhoz

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Image source: me

you forgot to include text sourcing you I believe.


yes :P

TF did you say to me, human?
Source: Me


Image Source: ALLL MINE( I photoshopped myself in the bedroom with Kanye West)



that is really creepy!

It's a dream scene, @geekpowered. Did you ever dreamed about a person without face?

Thought you might like it, judging by your account name :)

Well, I did upvote it.

I usually dream about people with shifting faces.

I totally beat you to that joke tho.

Halfway through the post, I already made this, :P Then I saw the end of the post, and I think to myself. "Asshole. you beat me to this joke." but then I was like, Meh.

Source: Me


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I saw Harley Quinn at #Sinulog2018 hahaha

Source: my smartphone ^_^

Source: my kazoo

Image source: my phone

DQmW3VrMe3Dk3rBfGN4fCoFUcJ4YucoQw9GdjKEK7DVgJDy_1680x8400 - Copy.jpg
Source : Thats me

Source-my phone

My own picture. Copyright VikingVisual.

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The ONLY text I want to see in your post is the source, and copyright notice, if required.

Really love the first image though.


pretty look

I may be late to the party but I am going to post an image anyways !!

Source: no idea.. been on my hard drive for years.

Nice. He's number 1!
Am I disqualified for being too lazy to do a reverse image search for a contest I don't think I'll win with no rules? lol

Edit: Is he really that ugly?

I didn't think he was really that ugly. He just is wearing ugly clothing and making a dumb pose.

Your entry is disqualified, but if you wanted to make another, you could.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Source: My friend made it as a resource for a video game he is making (he gave permission)

The Page.png


A photo I took in Montreaux, Switzerland

How many times can you enter?


No, I'm kidding. If it's not in the rules, there is no rule. Unless I have to go back and change it due to abuse.

i got an album with 8.2 million photos, i'm a write a batch processing script to submit all of them... will be sure to win!!!

I will hate you forever.

2 years later, still posting .

It's up to us really, I mean while performing, if I think about Non-sexual things I can always do better.
If you thinks you aren't able to enter that many times and you want to do better, you could use some performance-enhancing drugs.

source: my phone /picture took by my friend

source: my phone

z dupy.JPG
Source: my phone and some poor dude's "tatoo" :)

source really necessary here? hahahah
screenshot of own post

soruce capture

Source: Me


Photo source: One of my bands old show photos

is that you?

Yup! I'm the singer and my husband is the guitarist. This is from a show with my old band.

then you should add something under that per the rules.

as it stands, I would technically have to disqualify you, unless you edit it.

Is that good?


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My daughter and my nephew


Source: facebook


And that's my sharing. I'd like to thank you for your gift by the way. And my gift is upvote to this topic bro ;)



source : sent from a friend


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you put the wrong URL in the source link.
you're supposed to link to the page you found it at, not the image.

Whoopsie fixie

Very social chimp

Ah poop it..jpg

Ahhh Puppy... Puppy real good.


this is awesome!

Source: Me

Photo Credit: @realworldeats