Can Anyone Help Me Find A Free Copy of Microsoft Word? Tokens for the Person That Does

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Hey guys, I have a little request. Do you remember the days when you would buy your copy of Microsoft Office or Word and it would be yours to keep forever? You would get your own unique identifier code, punch it in and away you went - writing lots of words for years and years. These days you have to rent Microsoft Word which annoys me. Every year I have to pay £50 to renew my subscription and I'm sick of doing that.

Does anyone know of a way you can obtain Word for free? I don't care how old or which version it is, just so long as I can stop paying money to the Microsoft corporate thieves.

The first person to direct me to a source which actually works I will give 20 Beyondbits and 30 Whalecoins to as a thanks.

Thanks in advance!


This COMPLETELY depends on what you want to use it for....You can utilize Microsoft Word ONLINE now through their website. It is free and the documents are stored in the cloud so you don't have access to the license but you have access to everything that you create, edit, share, save, etc.

All you need to do sign up username and password with your cell phone here and you have access to all of microsoft.

Hey snuffles, it's for my television and film scriptwriting. I am not a fan of storing my work online and always avoid it. Any other ideas to obtain a copy of Word?

do you have a ".edu" email address....if you still have access it is possible to get a 100% free license if you school or university has a partnership

Have you tried Libre Office?
Get the microsoft monkey off your back.

Ha! That's precisely what I am trying to do and yes someone else advised I try Libre Office and it worked a treat, wish I'd found it sooner. Do you have a bitshares account? I will send you a few tokens anyway.

No need, it was my pleasure. An upvote or two when I post something would be appreciated, though ... if you like the content.

Do you have a bitshares account though?

Was that the big ha-hoo a few weeks ago about the airdrop? Yeah, I rose to the bait on that one. So yes, I do have an account. The keys are safe somewhere ... I'm sure I can find them scribbled down somewhere ... one day.

Oh, BTW, in case it's not obvious with Libre office you can easily write docx and all the other popular microsoft formats, you just have to tell it to do so. And you can also open microsoft documents just as easily.

Don't be too dismissive of bitshares. You need to embrace bitshares, it will massively enchance your Steemit journey. What is your bitshares username, that is all you need to give me in order for me to send you tokens. Also Are you aware of the new Whaleshares platform?

Sure I use KMSpsico, its perpetual Microsoft office I use MS 2013 it works great.
Be careful of the source though I downloaded mine a while back I believe this one is safe but double check

@freedomexists sorry man i don't use word anymore, i'm writing my text in google drive...maybe you can find it on de page of the pirates...greetings

I agree with this - just go google docs!

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Hey dude thanks but I don't trust any online storage provider with my work! It's a vulnerable space to store work.

I agree with this - just go google docs!

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i have an older office 2007 pro w/key - i will try to set up a share to .iso lemme finish breakfast - i'll send you link in a bit

I hope this video can help or you can use online word.

Nothing free here, a complete waste of my time, thanks.

I have done the same and it works

How do you actually get Word free, it doesn't say. The video just tells you how to install Word. No use if you don't have Word! my to go for dump prices, some even can update but all works ;)

Openoffice is the best option. They don't call the text editor Word (it's a Microsoft brand name) but it works exactly the same. You have the option to save document in the same format as word (doc, docx etc). And it's free.
No more Microsoft Office for me.

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