Soccer trading selections Tuesday 26th September. 10K Challenge day 3

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20.45 (CEST) Carlisle United vs Stevenage: under 2.5 @2.2 for 0.6 pts (€6).
Over the last 15 games Carlisle has gone over 2.5 53% of their games and Stevenage just 33%. Regarding their last 10 games: Carlisle 50% en Stevenage 20%. Against equal opponents Carlisle rated as a B-team and Stevenage as an A-team Carlisle have gone under 2.5 12x of their last 17 home matches against A-teams, while Stevenage have gone under 2.5 11x of their last 18 away matches against B-teams. Over the last 10 matches Carlisle has had 60% of the home matches gone BTS and Stevenage 40% of their away matches. This is important for a game to stay under 2.5, as the chance of any of the teams scoring 3 goals is small. 

20.45 (CEST) Gillingham vs Scunthorpe: over 2.5 @2.04 for 0.7 pts (€7).
Over the last 15 games Gillingham has gone over 2.5 53% of their home matches and Scunthorpe 60% of their away games. Regarding their last 10 games the statistics are: Gillingham 60% at home and Scunthorpe 60% away. Against equal opponents Gillingham rated as a B-team and Scunthorpe as an A-team, Gillingham have gone over 2.5 10x of their last 18 games at home against A rated teams. Scunthorpe have gone over 2.5 12x out of their last 16 games away versus B-rated teams. Furthermore both teams have gone BTS at the equal figures of 73% respectively Gillingham at home and Scunthorpe away. BTS is very important for a match to go over 2.5. Those figures are also in our favor against equal opponents, respectively   10 out of 18 for the home team and 9 out of 16 for the away team.

I'll trade both picks and posting any in play moves on Twitter:

Hopefully we can built on top of the 1.495 profit so far.
Good luck.
p.s. could you give me advice on which tags I should use regarding this topic. Thank you.