Five Free upvotes - contest 22 + Winners

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Welcome to FiveFreeUpvotes. A chance to win one of five free upvotes daily.

  • I will post once day.
  • To enter, just up-vote the post.
  • On the next day, I will use @dorabot to pick 5 random winners.
  • Those winners will receive 100% votes.
  • People who FOLLOW have a higher chance of winning
  • People who RESTEEM have a higher chance of winning
    (As per DoraBot programming)
  • If I can't vote on a post less than 7 days old, I will pick another winner

I will not vote on anything else so it will recharge everyday.

My vote is not worth much today but eventually it could be worth something.

Current vote value and power

Winners from 20 entries

Picked by Dorabot

Thanks for voting. Enter once per day, 7 days a week.
100% upvote for each winner, including when the upvote gets bigger. for automatic upvotes.

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Follow, resteem, upvote— ✔️☑️✔️