SPORTS Trivia Challenge

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The "Sports Trivia Challenge" is for all the sports fanatics out there.

It will definitely test your knowledge of various sport's athletes.

How well you know all the athletes (from across the United States) will prove to be very beneficial.   In fact . . . it will yield an ENORMOUS reward.

I will be providing you an athlete's photo, jersey number, years in the league, hometown, height, and date of birth.

I will not however be providing you with the athlete's name or team that he/she is currently playing for.

Your objective, if you choose to accept it (Mission Impossible), will be to identify the "CURRENT TEAM or the LAST TEAM" the person in the photo (located down below) has played for.

If the athlete is still playing, write down his/her current team.  If the athlete is retired, write down the last team he/she played for.

* To keep things interesting, I will most likely
   be showing athletes that have been with
    MULTIPLE teams throughout their career.

If you are the first person to correctly guess the current team (or the last team) of the athlete in the photo, you will receive an upvote of . . .




  You will be rewarded with one "BONUS" token if the Sports
  Trivia question is answered within the hour of this posting.


The "BONUS" token is now available on Steem-Engine
and you can currently buy or sell the token.  The more
"BONUS" tokens you possess, the higher your reward.

So if you currently hold 2 "BONUS" tokens and you answer the
trivia question within one hour of the posting, you will double your
"BONUS" tokens.  Thus, you will now have 4 "BONUS" tokens.

Likewise, if you are presently holding 7 "BONUS"
tokens and you answer the question within the
hour, you will now have 14 "BONUS" tokens.

  Currently, you can purchase a "BONUS"
token for less than one STEEM.


*All 100% players must message me in discord before
their "BONUS" token is distributed.  You will only need
to do this once.  I will be looking over your account to
 make sure everything appears legit and/or as it should.

You can join my discord channel here:

You can buy the "BONUS" token here:




Height:  6′ 4″
Jersey Number:  5
Years Active:  19 years
Date of Birth:  3/23/1973
 Hometown:  San Francisco, California

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