FOLLOW 👉@f-steemit and WIN 100SBD❤

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The only thing you have to do is
follow @f-steemit and write a comment under this post to choose the winner with steemwinner

one winner is chosen when 10000 followers are reached.

Announcing the winner will be recorded on a video and shared with the followers.

Resteem this post to reach 👉10000 followers quickly.




Nice job @f-steemit. Bravo! Goodluck and God blessed all participants! Upvote, follow and resteem you.


Wooh! Spectacular initiatives @f-steemit. This is really amazing. Goodluck for everyone who join! Upvote,follow and resteem!

I from Vietnamese, I love everyone <3

Done, Just Now I followed you

Have done my part. Every other thing belongs to luck. Wish i could have the 100sbd

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I'm wishing me luck too. :)

Upvoted and followed. Thanks!


I'm following you, good luck with your goal!

Hey good idea I will join this contest I was thinking about give a starter pack of steemmonsters away every 1000 followers.

Greetings @greendeliverence

That is also a good idea, success with it.

I am here and following you

Is this for real. Burst my bubbles.

It is for real, welcome for everyone.

Followed and resteemed.

Hello @f-steemit,
I think your target is quite big however, I followed you & Good Luck :-)
The secret in the life to be happy is just reduce your expectations that might help you to be satisfied.

Thank you for everything...

kans 1/10000 zonder inleg...niet slecht
zal wel een tijdje duren ;-)

Follow, resteem and upvoted... Best luck to all participants!

Hola! buen concurso veremos quien sera el afortunado de llevarse el premio.

Following your account. Cant wait.

Wohooo i hope i can win :)

o/ good luck

i am following you :)

My entry for this amazing contest

all done :D



Good luck everyone
good contest

Esperemos que sucede
Buena suerte \0/

Followed you

I follow...good luck to all!

Im follow you

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Sure ... follow you. I like your other Posts (Photos) Zermatt, but this one is amazing: Patagonia ...

I wish you to feel the magic of this life and to live as many miracles as possible ... There are no random events and coincidence is actually a supernatural event, but does not seek to show itself and coincidences are not factors precipitate everything that happens in your life is the result of your intentions And your thoughts.

Winning is good ;)

WoW! Thank You!!
Good Luck All!

Best to all of you! Check my web site clothes and music!

Im follow you and uptove.

Followed, good luck to everyone!

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Have done my part. Every other thing belongs to luck. Wish i could have the 100sbd

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@f-steemit... This is a great innovation as it's helps more Steemit users to earn more on the platform.

I am following you. What is your working methodology?

welcome, your question is not clear, but everything is in the post.

Thanks! I mean how will you reward users with 100 SBD? What is the criteria of selecting the people?

follow @f-steemit and write a comment under this post to choose the winner with steemwinner

one winner is chosen when 10000 followers are reached.

Upvote and follow.

Nou - daar gaan we voor :)

Simple and everyone can participate in it...loved this idea is the prize money should be splitt to 1st prize 50 SBD,2nd prize 30 SBD,3rd prize 20 SBD...
Thank you
Yours @summisimeon

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the opportunity.

good luck, nice idea 😉

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Good idea to increase your followers as well as helping others to win upvote following resteemed

Upvoted, resteemed and following you. Thanks.

Good luck....

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follow and upvote

Done from my side
Hope so I'll get lucky

Done, Just Now I follow and resteem!

This sounds almost too good to be true ;) - but I believe :) - good luck (every)one !! :)

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Thank you very much for the support of our Mexican community, from all of us, we send you a very strong hug, keep making people smile, you do a very good job in the steemit community.

Gracias, te mandamos un abrazo desde México hasta donde te encuentres! :D <3

Awesome. I write fiction, check it out.

I am in let"s see...

Good luck all!
Follow for the follow!

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