Sadness behind a Smile

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It is a privilege to be in this competition once again even though I did not win the other time.
This time we are to give an illustration to the portrait below.

My Illustration

  • The portrait is that of a lady with a mask.
  • The mask is the lady's face.
  • There is an opening to show what lies behind the mask.
  • The face which is the mask she has on is not who she really is on the inside
  • The outside is just a mask

A lot of people might have different illustration to this.

Sometimes on the inside we put up a smile that can brighten up the room but on the inside lies a person with a frown full of despair.

On the outside can also be a display of an eye with joy that can bring another person to ease but on the inside there is sadness and tears being shed

On the outside can be a contagious laugh but on the inside lies a person with so much anger.

On the outside can be a person with a personality everyone envies but the inside is filled with insecurities and shame.

On the outside can be a fearless and tough person but the inside is a weak person who lives in fear.

On the outside can be a person with a perfect image like we see in the portrait above but on the inside is occupied with regrets and mistakes.

There can be innocence on the outside but
tremendous fear on the inside.

On the outside can be a person with goals and aspirations but on the inside is a person lost in confusion.

images (1).jpgsource

Everyday while moving around we see different people with different expressions on their faces but that might be the mask we are seeing. There is always a lot going on on the inside than what we see on the outside. This may just be one percent of what the person really feel or who the person really is.

The outside is always just a person personal disguise what lies behind the mask one cannot even begin to imagine.

I hope i have said well


I appreciate @gbenga and the steemit virus crew for this opportunity. Also @tojukaka @lukestokes @amec @prechi @sussan and @jammey for the everyday inspiration.


Powerful write up. You actually right to a very good extent. A lot of move around but inside they are already dead. They are just like living dead. Though they put up a smile but that is not their real expression.
My advice to everyone , just choose to smile always and let the smile be real and original no matter the situation. Everything that seems impossible will soon get better.
This is @optimistdehinde

Good talk

I love this interpretation.
From one competitor to another!

I've resteemed to try to get more competitors in to it. Thank you

That is very kind of you

Resteemed and upvoted

Superb interpretation

Thanks dear

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