Horrible Art Monday Round 2 ~ 50 STEEM SPONSOR BONUS WEEK

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I had a lot of fun judging week one of Horrible Art Monday and I hope this is a game that can grow each week and more and more people get involved.

******BREAKING NEWS*********

Witness @Klye has just added 50 Steem to be paid to this weeks top 3

All SBD earned from this post + 1 SBD added per entry up to 25 extra SBD and 30 STEEM to this week's 1st place winner

15 STEEM to 2nd place

5 STEEM to 3rd place

I was torn between "Love Lamp" and "Bad Cat" so I let my wife look at them and make the final call on the winner and the winner is....................Click here for the winner

This idea was created, last week, let's start week 2.

 Horrible Art Monday, looking for the worse of the worse to  award some SBD to for taking the time to enter a contest, have fun,  interact with each other and see the magic happen. 

You can't only look for the best at all times, as you will leave the majority of potential steemit users out of the steemit game

I will give all SBD earned from this post and also add 1 SBD per entry up to 25 SBD out of my own pocket.  The idea here is to give anyone a chance to win and not just those  who are already good at art and most likely already working as a paid  artist. 

Rules: Make your own post titled Horrible Art. Link your post to this  post and add the image in the comments here to help me not miss anyone. Use any art format and style, look at week one here if you need to see some ideas. 

Please have fun and don't take yourself to serious.

Last weeks winner, paid here.

Congrats @not-a-bird way to steal the prize with a last day entry.

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I don't want to win... but this is my submission for the most esoteric horseshit art I could draw in 2 minutes... Enjoy.

"This isn't even my final form"


Haha, this contest was made for you!


This is amazing.


Yuck, this is horrible ;)


I made rules for myself with each of these to make the elements against me. First was made with photoshop with a laptop trackpad with only 1 brush size, no eraser, gradients required, in 10 minutes. The second was made in msPaint with only 1 brush size in 10 minutes, fill tool allowed.

my entry

A portrait of contest master drawn with my eyes closed on paint 3d. the only thing I opened my eyes for was paint fill, and the text....


What the hell did you shave me for?
It's awesome you said your eyes were open for the misspelling of my name too, lol

Wohoo! Yeah! In your face suckers! I ... err.. wait... winning is good, right? I mean I won... but it's a worst art contest so.. man, I'm so conflicted now.

I'll just have to try harder for this competition!


Now, I feel like I am wasting my time with my entry after seeing this. So sad.


where is your horrible entry


Free SBD is good no matter how you win them.

Here is a gift for you @erodedthoughts


No pressure to use it, I was bored. (its cover image format)


That is cool but I designed my own and love it


I was bored, was only meant as a concept design, not a replacement. Helped me burn a few minutes.

Here is my wonderful entry, I know I can't win as my art is to good to win a horrible contest.

Alright, here's my entry


Definetly one of my best works. Will be added to my personal gallery. I call it "Eve The Sun Shines On A Prick"


hahahaaha @mykos my brother this is atrocious work.. I am loving it .. LOL hahahaha you hooligan.. good luck mate I shall be rooting you for the win. Cheer$;)


My 'masterful sculpture' Fart Art!

fart art.jpg



does it have to be bad by accident, or on purpose?


Just do your thing. Look at last weeks contest, some drew left handed others picked items they knew they had issues drawings. This is just meant to be a fun way to connect with other artist of various skills and be fun.

Amazing art

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Great job :)