The Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award: $ 12,500 for Non - Fiction Authors ! [#GetPublished]

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They are looking for “ strong, character-driven narratives with detailed scene writing and lyrical description ”, which had also characterized the work of Matthew Power, an award - winning journalist who reported emphatically on the human condition .

The award will not fund proposals to report on armed conflicts where journalists are already imperiled, nor projects that are mainly investigatory . Winners will receive visiting scholar privileges at NYU, granting them library access and, staffing and space permitting, an office .

Journalists holding staff positions at established media outlets are ineligible .

Value: $ 12,500 ; one runner - up award of $ 4,000 ( Up from $ 2,500 last year . )
Deadline: 20 February 2018 for proposals
Open for: Anyone aged 21 years or over

I feel like this needs special attention ; because of how the media is dealing with its reporters as expendable - and puts up stories that may or may not even be true, just to get views - I believe that Truth should meet Compassion .

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