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This is going to be among the Simplest of CONTESTS to an extent. However, it is not really a contest, in general "contest" sense but an avenue to help everyone that sees it to lewrn something new if possible. The rules are very simple. The rules are:

  • Identify the English and botanical names of the fruit below.
  • Resteem This post and Comment your Answer.
  • Write any relevant thing about the Plant In your comment. ( Health benefits, Nutritional Value, Economic Value e.t.c.)
  • The Contest ends When The Right Answer Is Provided.
  • Prize is 0.5SBDs, but I may change my mind if I see some nice entries about the plant. Do a little research. Get creative😀.
  • The prize may go to multiple individuals if they write different relevant things about the plant.
  • The Answer will be featured next Tuesday if no one gets it right.


HINT: Eating healthy in the evenings and looking up the sky while relaxing helps one to think about the saying "An Apple a Day, Keeps The Doctor Away".

After participating in @old-guy-photos's #treetuesday for some weeks now, I have become more tree conscious. I want to learn something about any tree I see nowadays.

My signout message is:

Look Beyond The Obvious...



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