Photography PAID CONTEST! 30 STEEM (~30SBD) - Explore Your Neighborhood!

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It has been a while since we had our first contest and I feel like it is a time to start a new one! This one will require you to go outside with your phone camera or regular camera and explore your neighborhood! Lately, I have been posting about my neighborhood and I realized how fun it is to go outside and just walk around your own neighborhood. Sometimes you don’t even need to travel far to find beauty. I understand not every neighborhood has rich history, but some new and modern or small and peaceful neighborhoods have their own charm.

I want you to create a post that will have 5 main things:

◘ Your current neighborhood’s photography - be creative! Show the details of your neighborhood, ugly and pretty sides of it! (If you already did that in previous contest, you have an opportunity to explore more and just take more cool pictures)

◘ Culture - mention something about the culture of your neighborhood. Maybe some local traditions? Beliefs? Original food?

◘ History - tell me about the origin of your neighborhood. It is okay if there is not a lot to say, but try finding something.

◘ Art - take pictures of local art, even if it is just some graffiti on the wall. Mention if you have any art museums or art classes offered in the neighborhood.

◘ Travel - Tell us about one or two places you would show your friends that are visiting you from far away for the first time. It can be a scenic view, museum, theater, restaurant, historic site, or really anything you want.

The post does not have to be long, but I do want to see atleast 5 pictures (your own pictures!)

Also, upvote and repost this post, follow @chatcommunity, join our Discord Channel, and mention in the beginning or in the end of your own post that this is an entry for the CHAT Community’s Contest, and include discord invite link. You may use this one: or create your own (make sure it does not expire in 24 hours).

  1. Upvote and Resteem
  2. Follow @chatcommunity and join our Discord Channel (
  3. Mention CHAT Community and include discord invite link
  4. Write 5 main things (Your neighborhood’s photography, Culture, History, Art, Travel)
  5. Use #chatcommunity tag here on steemit for your post (doesn’t have to be the first tag)
  6. Post your link of your post in #neighborhood_contest at our Discord Channel

Deadline: March 7th.

Reward: Total of 30 Steem for two winners (15 per person) + a shout out to the winners on my page.

All participants will get extra Upvotes for your post from CHAT Community people and me.

Have fun exploring your neighborhood :)

Reward from this post will go towards next contests.

CHAT is a newer community for people that are interested in Culture, History, Art, and Travel. Our goal is to create a community for like-minded people who will support one another and create better original content.


CHAT Discord Channel Invite


I will not hesitate to join this contest

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Interesting offer, but now I have a spring here and a lot of dirty snow around,so not very nice photos can turn out. But i'll try.

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Upvoted. Cant Find ReSteem Option.

I'll try to enter this time!

wow, really interesting contest this. I would be working hard to bring something up. Thanks

I am lost here, the deadline is February 7th how is that possible??? Pls explain

sorry, march :)

Upvote back please.. ty

This is exciting @ella-kay :-) I would love to join :-)

ook I'm in post under construction :)

can't wait to see it :)

cool contest :) I will try to participate

can't wait to see it :)

¡Manos a la obra! Aún hay tiempo de participar así que esperen mi participación. ¡Saludos!

I Sucessfully Resteemed This, your Post Deserves More Attention 🚀.Good Job🙌

For another Free Re- Steem click this link :

thank you :)

I would like to follow the contest @ella-kay

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