Invitation to CHAT Community and a Friendly Reminder About our PAID Contest (Due on 28th). LAST WEEK to Participate!

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Hi everyone! I am inviting everyone to our CHAT community here on Steemit (@chatcommunity) and on Discord (

CHAT is a new community for people that are interested in Culture, History, Art, and Travel. Our goal is to create a community for like-minded people who will support one another and create better original content.

You may learn more about it in my older post

..and here is a friendly reminder about our contest. You have one last week to participate (due on January 28th)!

This is our first contest for CHAT (Culture, History, Art, and Travel) community. The purpose of this contest is to promote our channel, so we have a bigger community of like minded people who are supporting each other and create a better content.

So, here are the details about our first contest…
I will give total of 30 Steem to 2 people (15 Steem per person) that will write two best posts and follow these directions (check below). Also, these two winners will be promoted on our new Steemit page, Discord channel, and I will also create my own post congratulating winners + there might be more benefits. All other participants will be mentioned on our Steemit page.

  1. You must be interested in CHAT and join our Discord channel
  2. Follow @chatcommunity
  3. Upvote this post
  4. Resteem this post
  5. Make your own post and write a paragraph or just couple sentences about why you think this community may be beneficial to people, why you think you should join or what you expect from this community. Also, you may propose some ideas on how to make our community better.
  6. Write something unique about your hometown. You may mention some rare history facts, show unique architecture or sculptures, share your own art that relates to your hometown, or really anything that you love about your city! This post must make me or anyone else want to visit you and check out your town :) You must provide your own pictures!
  7. You must use #chatcommunity hashtag (You don’t have to use it as the main/ first one)
    After you are done with everything post your post in #firstcontest at our Discord Channel.

Create this post for a benefit of our community and these rewards are just to make it even better :) ...and if you don't feel like participating, still help us spread the word about this contest.

Reward from this post will go towards next contests.

This is the last post about this contest. Please resteem and upvote this one instead of old ones. Thank you!


Use this invite if you want to promote CHAT:


Resteemed. Thanks I already joined, maybe someone interested in my stories from the distant Russian Far East. Sometimes stories about neighboring China, Korea, Japan and other Pacific countries)

Interesting post!!! I will like to participate in the contest and thanks for your invitation to your community.

we will be waiting for your entry :)

I wish to be a part of this community. Please I need to know the requirements to be a member

no requirements . as long as you like culture, history, art, and travel.

Wow, nice of you. I will follow the link asap. Although I hope I can reach out to more people through the community.

Hola, soy nueva en esta comunidad, gracias por su invitación, el chat es una herramienta interactiva para compartir con muchos usuarios, un sitio de encuentro para expresar ideas o contenidos no muy extensos en donde nos comunicamos de manera casi instantánea, saludos

Yes I can try it

I can't seem to resteem this post do you know why? Sorry I am new
but no resteem arrow. I did upvote it .

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