We Are Organizing A Contest About #Deletfacebook & #Joinsteemit Our Founder Is Sir @stephenkendal

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We Are Organizing A Contest About #Deletfacebook & #Joinsteemit Our Founder Is Sir @stephenkendal :


Hello Steemains:

We Are Organizing a Contest about #Deletfacebook & #Joinsteemit Our Founder is sir @stephenkendal If anyone wine, He/She Will be rewarded by #Two #SBD
We Make a strong Campaign about #deletfacebook & #joinsteemit Campaign So anyone who support our Campaign please type their user name in comment and Resteem the post our Founder is @stephenkendal .
Everyone Love with @stephenkendal and Love with #Steem.

Rules For Contest :

1. Upvote the Post With 100% .
2. Type His User Name In Comment.
3. Resteem The Post.
4. We are Highly Monitoring So Do not try to Cheat us.
5. The Reward Will be given after the Payout of this Post.
6. The Reward Will be given by direct steemit user name as a transfer.
7. The Winner Will Select Who Have More vote Dollar on Comment .
8. Reward will be #Two #SBD .
9. If you follow all Rules then you will be Rewarded Otherwise you loss the Chance of Reward .

Thanks for reading and thanks once again for your tremendous support for #Promo-Steem.


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Hi. This is @chinito. Im not trying to put down anyone, but for sure GO STEEMIT!!! :)


Yeah I agree ... you can just be more active in either of the platform


right on. no need for the dirty politics.. :P


@ankarlie Can you resteem it so we reached the target of two sbd ?

Hello @einsteil and Mr @stephenkendal I totally, and confidently support the great move and I pray for absolutely great success in the campaign. and am saying to everyone to please support the good work of steemit. stay shining.

hello @einstei1 and @stephenkendal I support you guys. hope your campaign will be successfull. it's very well work to join everyone steemit.


best of luck ✌

  1. Upvote the Post With 100% .
  2. Type His User Name In Comment.
  3. Resteem The Post.
  4. We are Highly Monitoring So Do not wow i like this rolls

hI! @einstei1 & @stephenkendal, I upvote and reesteemear your post...

Hi!, I am @lauril.

@einsteil and @stephenkendal, introduce my name Herman Tapas, I come from indonesia
I support your campaign #Deletfacebook & #Joinsteemit
by @tapas

hello @einstei1 and @stephenkendal i upvote and resteam your post.

@akashhassan done with following all the rules!

This post has received a 3.07% upvote from thanks to: @einstei1.
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I confidently support @stephenkendal in this positive move and advise everyone to please join this move.

am in

@nellita66 es mi nombre de usuario. voto y resteem

Thanks a wonderful initiative....deletefackbook joinsteemit is the latest....have forgotten the last time i logged in....@stephenkandal and enisten this promo must surely be a success.

Este es mi usuario @amabibi2018, ya reesteem y vote.

Do facebook stand for anything? Does it care for my bank account increase or am I blind to see the benefit of steemit, it's a great movement, I must recommend your great @einstei1 and @stephenkendal, join our steemit moving train...

Hai, This is @angelro here.

I am not sure how many of you all believe. I never uses Facebook. Though I have an account i never posts and never check for more than 5-6 years.

For me FB is more showing off, intruding into privacy, and a competition among friends and all about the number of friends, likes, shares etc..

Thats from me now