My life biggest regret contest, hosted by @jason04

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I was scrolling through the steemit platform this afternoon when I stumbled on @jason04 blog and saw that he had started a contest, which is all about telling your life biggest regret

Rules of the contest

(i) Comment your life's biggest regret.
(II)If you want to blog about this, put your links in the comment section below. (Better if you blog so that you can also earn rewards from your post)
(III) The winner will be announced after this post payout.
(iv(Entries are valid before Post Payout

My biggest regret was

Not embracing the cryptocurrency and blockhain technology when I found out about it earlier,
I found out about bitcoin in late 2016 or early 2017 , by then 1 btc was worth 10,000 Naira, in the Nigerian currency, I thought it was a scam but now I am just realizing my mistake and hope to venture into it soon.

Steemit too, my friends told me here, you get paid for writing and curating great articles, but my sturbboness hindered me from embracing the truth , and I urge everyone reading this never to take anything for granted.

Image source: gotten from @jason04
Thanks for the read
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