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If you haven't met this vehicle before, then let me introduce you again to this semi rusting, characterful, patinated beauty that is Ari the camper. He's pretty thirsty (runs on Steem) and smells OK on the inside for a well lived-in camper of its age. It's a loud, air cooled giant.


During a good spell of weather recently I took him out for a joy-ride and to see if I can make a decent model of it using my DJI Mavic Pro. You can access the model by clicking this link above and here, just make sure you give it time to load, its data intensive.

These are the results! What do you think?

It has come out pretty well, and the rust is well defined...The exception though is the roof and the rack at the front, which houses the spare wheel. It all looks a bit like a badly programmed game (anybody remember Carmagedon?). Another interesting aspect is the front window. Its waaaay off! It's as if the window itself is bending the light to the left - see what I mean?

Looking down at Ari

I am always looking for excuses to model things, buildings and landscapes using photogrammetry, its a really cool tech. If you have any ideas for me, let me know!

Yes, a Steem Contest is included to encourage interaction - read below

Now, to encourage engagement and to have a chance at winning 5 Steem:

  1. Upvote
  2. Resteem (very much appreciated!)
  3. Visit the full model on Altizure and comment below.
  4. Correctly guess the year of his manufacture (CRITICAL COMPONENT!)

Good luck to those who participate!! I will award the win to the first that is correct or closest in a post next week!


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Carmagedon, now your taking me back! LOL.

Absolutely fantastic game eh!

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Best played when your off your head!

Ah yes. So I remember. Slabs of Fosters were consumed whilst playing it...

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@bafi and @thenightflier - this may interest you! Modeling with drones. I'll add this kind of stuff to DroneShot?

I was about to miss this! Got overwhelmed my the replies from the community
Yeah, you can add whatever that involved drones in the forum. Let me know if a specific section needs to be created.
What's your Discord username?
Remind to use droneshot for all future drone posts to get curation, I currently have almost 11K SP but hope to get more soon with delegation incoming. Also, we will have an unique hashtag for drone posts instead of the current situation where drone - drones - photography are used.

Hey @bafi. My username is Blzn88. Add me. I've not had much time to be seeming recently, but lets connect soon

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Loving these drone videos- my guess is 1969! Wow 50 years old and still serving..... will write more later.... wanted to got my entry in early!

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Well @cryptocurator. As you can see it was inundated with answers, I tried a paid upvote and a resteem service, but it failed to get it out there! Anyway. You are POSSIBLY correct! I think it is 1969, however the DVLA reckon it's 1970. Which year sounds best eh? 🤔 You win!! You want steem or SBI? I've been thinking about getting involved in those. May shelves contests for a while as don't see the need if no one really reads the posts. Glad you do though :)

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Hellooo - well the beauty of some of your posts is that it’s not just reading it’s Getting to view and okay about with a 3D model from any angle - and that is very cool and unique. I think with me being more in curation mode than author mode Steem is more relevant to me than SBI - nor do I know enough about SBI at moment.... thanks - sorry that there wasn’t more competition entries!

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Hey @cryptocurator. As promised, I've sent over 5 steem for you participating in this. Been in not-so-steem mode recently so taken ages to get this sorted. Keep on curating mate.

And Keep posting dude - I love your content. The rewards may be low at moment but keep going at a level that is sustainable and satisfying. It can be a grind, but hopefully it will all come good!

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Cheers buddy. I was trying to do a post a day, but soon got a bit done in by it. I'm also running out of pictures so just getting stuck in with the community and doing other stuff too. Keep curating!

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Thanks much appreciated.

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Ari is a beauty - I love the patina - don’t ever have a paint job! It’s another phenomenal 3D model - really easy to navigate.

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It is. Great to drive too!! I figured out how to make the model better this time, cropping and starting in the correct location for viewing :)

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