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Okay boys and girls. Its time for some free shit some come on in and get ya some sweet lovin.

Here is the deal. I am almost at 1 mega vest. that Is kind of a big thing right. Probably not but I like to party. So here is the deal. Who ever guesses the time and date closest to when I get that magic number will get 5 SBD. These are your options.

  1. You can take the money and run
  2. I will do 5 shares of STEEM BASIC INCOME
  3. I will send in 5 SBD in your name to @dustsweeper
  4. We can drive down into the inner city and I will buy ya a Rusty Trombone from a lovely lady of the night like this.

meth job.jpg

Number 4 is a lie

Sounds easy right?


There is always a catch when making a deal with the devil.


  1. You must full upvote this post. 100% . I will check.
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Post a day in date format mm/dd/yy . None of that format you folks that have not landed a man on the moon use.
  4. Post the time down to the minute. Only exact times or the nearest guess after get the prize. You never want to come to early in my contests. If 2 people chose the same time the prize will be split. Not sure how you split a Rusty Trombone but we will work it out.
  5. Collect your money

contest 2.JPG

contest 1.JPG

This post will close out before I reach this goal so you will just have to trust that i am not a shady fuck.


6/10/2018 around noonish?
SBDs please.

you are marked down

WOOHOOO!! Rusty Trombone?!?!

06/02/18 @ 8:15 am

Congrats buddy! :)

WOOHOOO!!!! not sure how that will work out for the ladies but I'm sure something can be worked out. lol

LOL! Well in my giving spirit, I figured Id do another contest to see who wins my winnings of a rusty trombone!

And YOU could be the lucky winner!!


HAHA!! Soo vulgar!

It was on network television. It is steemit safe.

That's a man baby!

First I've got a 10 SBD VOTE COMING FROM ROCKY1 on my latest post. Hit it for some curation, if you'd like.☺
Secondly, my guess is 06/10/18 4:53am.
And I'll go for the rusty trombone.
Nah, I want the SBI.

done. don't forget to resteem to qualify

Done brother.

I updated option 3. It was suposed to be 5 sbd of @dustsweeper

donated by/ stolen from cryptkeeper 17

Nice, but I wanted the rusty from the methhead hooker, not a dead Chuck Norris wannabe.😂 So I guess I will go with the @dustsweeper shares.

06/18/2018 at 03.45 p.m

got ya marked down

Congrats man: 06/04/2018 by 8:00am UTC

07/15/18 @ 18:52
I'll just smash 'n' grab the SBD if I win, thanks!

~ @cadawg

you are marked down

06/06/2018 by 6:00pm

06/06/18 6.06pm

locked in. thanks for playing

Pleasure. And thanks to @johndoer123 for resteeming this into my feed

It's my pleasure dear friend!

06/1/18 at 6:00 am

I have you locked in. thanks for playing.

Before I vote, are you only letting the SP part of any awards build you to that point, or do you plan on converting and leveling up any SBD into steem then into SP? It would make a difference on when the next 20 SP come. Which could be in 3 days 2 hours or in 7 days and 6 hours? Quite a spread. And then I need to keep in mind the 5 SBD's for the award.

Oh what the hell 06/04/18 @ 20:15 UTC

And me, I'll take the money and run,

SP will be building naturally from rewards. I will NOT be converting SBD to steem power. So do you want to stick with that guess?

Oh yeah, I think I do, I think you will get there before this post pays out. While I was typing that yesterday, I just said screw it, it don't matter how you get their, power up or no power up. I figured I would just do a swag on it, and pick that day.

So I simply scrolled through the comment section to have an idea.

My guess 06/05/2018 12:00

That works?

that will work. your guess is logged.

06/09/18 09:00am

don't forget the full upvote or you don't qualify

done, sorry on the mobile earlier so might have lost signal while the vote was going through. Wouldn't want to ruin my chances for a rusty trombone ;)

Totally understand that :)
I got you down and you are ready to go.

6/9/18 , 02:22pm standard US central time (because that's the only one that really matters)

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How to do full upvote?

If you do not have a vote slider yet then it is just a regular vote. Once you get more steem power you get a slider that allows you to adjust what % of a vote you give.

May I still join?

For sure. contest only ends when this post closes. I should not be able to reach that steem power by that time.

Thanks here's my guess 06/10/18 4:59am and congratulations to you

My guess 06/07/2018 at 22H17


😲Thank you. I will take the monies and run

you are entered. 10:17 p.m. for us non military folks :)

I came for the Rusty Trombone .... I did not leave disappointed ...

06/14/2018 12 : 30 PM

If you are all out of Rusty Tromebones I will just take the money and run.
That way I can purchase a Rusty Tromebone elsewhere.

Thanks !

Resteemed using

Sounds like an excellent plan. I have you marked down.

My guess:
07:15 am

got ya recorded

@almariah I see you upvoted but did not make an entry or reblog. Don't miss out on the free.

6/3/18 at 2:34pm

I’m a lil confused but here it goes...

all you have to do is resteem and you are entered into the contest. What is confusing?

Everyone’s commenting datesand times 🤪

Yes they are following the rules. Pick a date and time for when my account will reach 1 megavest. Then upvote this post and resteem it. Easy peasy. If you are the closest you win 5 SBD or any of the rest of the assortment of possible prizes. #4 doesn't really work for chicks. I didn't really think that one through. Lol.

Lol, I already have one nipple post on my blog. People are going to think COM corrupted me if I have two! You guys have fun with the rusty trombone contest.

It was totally COM.

06/19/18 06:05am

What month is the 19th month?'s also national rusty trombone month. Figured you would have known.😁

03 / June / 2018
8:00 pm

Usted ya votó positivamente. Un voto ascendente completo solo se aplica a las personas que tienen el control deslizante de votación. Solo tiene que darme una fecha y hora para su suposición y resteem mi publicación y usted está ingresado en el juego.

You already upvote. A full upvote only applies to people that have the vote slider. You just have to give me a date and time for your guess and resteem my post and you are entered in the game.

still waiting for you to resteem the post and make a guess @anderson09

Entiendo amigo, me gusta esto.

De acuerdo, entonces todavía tiene que resteem esta publicación y hacer su entrada de adivinar para calificar para el premio. No puedo contarlo como una entrada hasta que eso esté hecho

ok so you still have to resteem this post and make your guess entry to qualify for the prize. I can not count it as an entry until that is done

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 83.72%. Estimated dollar amount of $3.8

@tybodish i see you upvoted the post at 100%. If you would like to be entrred in it please resteem and make a guess and i will mark it down. Thank you.

@doomsdaychassis - hey my buddy in @newbieresteemday ...
I am with him, @mysearchisover, ironically (since I am in the @newbieresteemday before I found out the downside of resteeming):

@mysearchisover (55) · 15 hours ago
I wanted to enter but I don't do resteems. :( I always just put a link in with my post instead of resteeming.

Otherwise, I would have gladly entered.

It is all good. I gotta stick with the rules that are made though. I was hoping it would help the contest grow some. It brought in a few new fresh folks that were not following me but saw it on someone elses feed so I think it did what was intended.

You have been invited to:
"6.9.18 Saturday (or Cat-turday - 😺 meow) To Launch or Not to Launch - that is the Question! Upvotes and Prizes 🏆🏅🐬 🐟 Give-away" - please click on #ccc to find the post.
All the best!

You must full upvote this post. 100%

That is not an issue for me, although it does favor newbies with low SP.

What the, why'd I upvote this

not sure but i just crossed 1200 steem power so that is pretty cool that you upvited the post that i hit 495 at

What happened was, I was going through new discord msgs in one of the least used channels on COM, and saw your (ooooold) msg about this post.

And so kids, that's how I met your mother.