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Hey my new friend!

I want to write a post about the currently running contest of @diytube here on the steem blockchain. @DIYTube is a fully non-profit curation service aiming to motivate and reward people for sharing their knowledge and create processes as videos on

The current contest is our first one and we are searching for your creative DIY content on until 15th of March 2019!

The only things you need to do is:

  1. record and edit one (or more) video(s)
  2. post them on until the 15th of March
  3. use the tag #diytube
  4. and be creative!

DIY is a wide range in our opinion because everything you make by your own is technically DIY:

music, cooking, painting, programming, building, tutorials on videography, crafting ... all these things...

The prizes are packages of DIY tokens which are quite new listed on It is a sidechain of the steem blockchain where you can trade these tokens with others and also change them into steem very soon. (I can not state any value of steem for them - because the exchange is not open yet - but it is developed by @aggroed and others (sry that I forgot your names right now :P) and we all know that he is reliable :)

The final voting is then maintained by a dpoll asking the steem-community - so stay excited!

3th prize: 50 DIY Tokens
2nd prize: 100 DIY Tokens
1st: prize: 200 DIY Tokens

Start to upload your stuff with the tag #diytube on!

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting!
We are new and we need your help to spread our non-profit message with the blockchain!

Peace and Greetings


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Nice one @diytube.
Gonna submit my entry soon.

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Awesome brother :)

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Can we just change the tag from video we've upped today? :D

Edit: stupid question, I'll just up another one in couple of days and use the tag haha :D


Haha you and your stupid questions lol :D
Take your time - contest runs until 15th dude!



Yupp :D that's when I've edited my stupid question after reading it :D I had a FOMO as those 200 tokens are must have :D

Hello! Where can I see the results of the competition?