[Contest]: 15 SBI Shares to celebrate 15k upvotes!

in contest •  19 days ago

According to this comment by @steemitboard, I have received 15,000 upvotes.

Now it's time to give a little bit back to the Steem Community, and what's better than 15 @steembasicincome shares?

The rules!

1 simple rule: Tell me if you know what SBI is, if you have any SBI shares, and tag your friends in a comment in this post.

You don't have to follow me, upvote/resteem this post or anything, although I would appreciate all of them. If the contest is successful, I'll be running it again!

The prizes

3 people will get 5SBI shares each. If the post generates more than $5 in payout, I will choose a 4th winner with an extra 5SBI shares prize.

The winners...

... will be chosen the day after the post reaches payout, randomly! I'll count how many comments there are, get 3 random numbers from Random.org's Integer Set Generator and count from the beginning!

That's it! Comment away! xD

Image by @steembasicincome

If you can spare an upvote, a resteem or a few minutes of your time every couple of days, feel free to follow the @aristotle.team account. When everything falls into place, I'll starting posting more regularly pics, songs etc, as I've been doing the past few months.

Also, If you can spare some Steem Power, you can always consider delegating to @aristotle.team! If you are interested in supporting Aristotle and his "gang", we have some convenient delegation links here:
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I do know what SBI is. I think I have 1 share of it. I am unlucky as hell but if I nominate @trumpman I can't lose. Somehow even though he is Greek he has the luck of the Irish.


and the dick of a donkey

Καλημέρα Δημήτρη, και εγώ νομίζω ότι ξέρω τι είναι είναι αυτό που σου ψηφίζει ποστ, έτσι δεν είναι?? (Η αλήθεια είναι την έδωσα πάρα πάρα πολύ σημασία και δεν το πολύ θυμάμαι).. :))))
Εγώ θα ταγκαρω την @katerinaramm


Τέλεια! Σ'ευχαριστώ για την συμμετοχή :)

μπραβο για τα 15κ upvotes ! ξερω τι ειναι το sbi, ξερω οτι κατι εχω αλλα δεν θυμαμαι ποσα :p (καμια 10-15 υποθετω). Τωρα τι ταγκ να κανω :P ας βαλω ολο το @greek-trail :P

τωρα απο περιεργεια θα μπω να δω κ εγω αν εχω φτασει το 15κ :p


Το @greek-trail σε ευχαριστεί!


Και ο @dimitrisp σ'ευχαριστεί! 😁


hahaha btw τα χω φτασει κ εγω τα 15κ :P

@nikoleondas , βλέπεις τα mention σου;
Συγχαρητήρια Δημήτρη για τα 1500 ψηφαλάκια!!! Να τα πολλαπλασιάσεις ταχύτατα!


Μακάρι, μακάρι! Αν πλουτίσω εγώ, θα πλουτίσουμε όλοι! :D

Congrats on your recent steemitboard accomplishment!

SBI... Steem Basic Income: give a little get a little. Me liga logia. And I do have some shares of my own.

I'm pretty sure @katayah has a few too.

Not sure if @doris-adioha @mamadini or @motoengineer have any though.



Thank you very much! :)


na se kala file

Hi, @dimitrisp!

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Steem Basic income ? something that i dont have shares in , because i didnt know that exist ! :D stupid me ... will resteem it , because im sure that not only i dont have shares in SBI ... but many dont know at all ! thank you for sharing , helpful and useful ! from today i will follow @aristotle.team . but only because is good idea and is worth it ! keep it up ! God Bless yes ! Peace

γεια σου Δημητρη με τα ωραια σου....εχω 14 μετοχες προσωπικα...ποιον να tagαρω??? ....μηπως τον @trumpman????


Πολύ ωραία! @trumpman, σε ζητάει ο λαός σου! Χαχα

Σ'ευχαριστώ! 🙂

Congratulations for the 15K upvotes!!
Ξέρω τι είναι αλλά δεν ξέρω πόσα shares έχω (είμαι στο γκρουπ 5-20 shares), θα ταγκαρω το φίλο μου τον @steliosfan!!


Thank you! Απ'ότι βλέπω στο εργαλείο του SBI έχεις 7 shares. Αν αρχίσεις να ψηφίζεις τα post του SBI με 100% ψήφο, σε λίγες μέρες θα σου διπλασιαστούν τα share (bonus για όσο ψηφίζεις)

i) I don't ii) i don't iii) @trumpman2


Ήρθε η ώρα να μάθεις! Μουχαχα!


Sounds scary 😶

You're a hero! I have somewhere between 1 to 5 shares, and I am too much of a noob to figure out a way to find out the exact amount. Regardless, I am a greedy asshole, and therefore, here I am - typing this comment in order to get some more $$$. I nominate @chrnerd, cause he is my little bro!

Catch you around, mate!


Oh, thank you! :D
Good luck! The pick is a few hours away

Woow 15k upvotes that's awesome...😲👍

SBI shares is a helping platform for everyone who want to grow in steemit forever just buy bunch of shares and get upvote forever 😍 @michealclauri

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Even though the prices have bottomed because of the ongoing crypto-crash, it is still a great way to reward your friends (and yourself) with SBI shares, as long as your plan is to be here for a long time!


Got it

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Yes, I know what steem basic income is and have couple of shares. But I don't know how to simply check them without excell graphs, etc. i would like to tag a friend @itoutfit as it needs to be more active here ;)


Great! Thank you for participating! Good luck :)

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