Want 50 STEEM? Tell Me How to Track My Cryptos

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I have a CoinTracking account. It's the best tool I've seen. However, I am still at a loss as to how to continually track all the crypto dealings I do. If you can write a compelling explanation in the comments (or somewhere else, and link it in the comments) of how to track my crypto dealings with relative ease, I'll send you 50 STEEM.

  • I need to retroactively get everything I've done since last October into Cointracking or something similar; honestly an excel spreadsheet would be fine as well. Anything like that. Also, I need a way to keep track of things from now on, as I go.

  • I have basically all the data needed but it is incredibly cumbersome for me to deal with. I have the following things that need to be tracked:

-Steem transactions. This is perhaps the most difficult one.

-Staking Labs transactions. This is a shared Masternode staking service I use.

-Staking. I have staked many coins with local wallets.

-GPU mining rig. This is relatively straight forward right now as I just have one rig mining ETH and the transactions are infrequent.

-Trading. I'm not a day trader but I do use exchanges frequently. Much of it is selling and trading staking rewards. I would prefer not to use API tracking, as some exchanges I use don't support it anyway. I mainly use Cryptopia, Crypto-Bridge, Binance and Bittrex.

So, that's about it. I'm quite serious about paying the 50 STEEM but it has to be a comprehensive plan that is straight forward to execute. I am a software developer, so I am tech savvy enough, I just don't have much spare time.


dhouse we should do the BYTEBALL Free-bee you on discord?

i saw that but it seemed like too much effort to be worthwhile. It's like $40 of byteball, right?

yah I just did it with @themarkymark; if I could do it you could do it lol

it's $80 half now half in a year ;)

you sure the wallet is legit and not some kind of spyware?

wel lI don't think @themarkymark would scam on mass. Not the type.

didnt mean to impugn anyone, just wasnt sure who was running it. thanks for the tip!

It's legit, and definitely not difficult, takes about 2 minutes the first time.

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