"You reap what you sow"

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Timmy was tired of so many hardships and bad times, with a terrible atmosphere in his house, his sister had died just a few months ago and since that tragedy his parents do nothing but argue about who is guilty of that tragic tragedy, creating a terrible atmosphere to live in the house, besides that Timmy was a misunderstanding and had no friends or anyone at his side who will support him, or so he thought at that time in his life, he was not very talkative and was very insecure himself, he just 16 years old and Timmy had lived a very unhappy life.

Near his house there was a lake where he used to go to distract himself thinking about how his life would be if he had another family and was born at another time and in another place, he always contemplated a rather peculiar tree that was on the other side of the lake, it was so imposing and different so Timmy was different, one day he decided to cross to the other side of the lake and see up close and touch with his hands the tree that he liked to look at day after day, and there he saw that inside from such a tree was a hole, where a person could easily fit, Timmy decided to enter only to feel what it would be like to be inside the tree and to observe its interior.

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When he stepped in unexpectedly, he felt as if time stopped and everything inside the tree lit up, he could not see anything being inside and ended up fainting, the hours passed until he finally woke up and got up exalted after what what had happened, he went out and was somewhere else, he was no longer in the lake but he was in a field of corn and everything was green mountain and there were cows, chickens and pigs, he was in a farm, for a moment he thought that the tree was a teleporter and decided to enter the tree again but nothing happened, it was just the inside of a tree like any other.

Timmy after leaving his astonishment decided to investigate about it when he hears someone is calling him, he was a child, he was calling him to enter the house and he was looking at him strangely because he was inside the tree, Timmy decided to go where he was the child and see where it happened, it was there when I saw that there was a married couple sitting at the table waiting for the child and for him to eat, Timmy did not understand anything of what was happening when the man says "Timmy where have you? We were worried, come and sit and eat son", many things happened to Timmy's head "How do you know my name? " "Son?" "What the hell is going on here?" But he did not want to act weird so he followed the flow and act normally as if nothing will happen.

After dinner and everything went "normal", Timmy decided to go to bed and sleep, thinking that this way he would wake up from his strange dream, but it was not like that and the next day he woke up in the same place with the same family and The same "brother" apparently woke up and they waited for breakfast, they treated him very well and there was a good atmosphere in the house, something that made him feel good after so long ... Then at school it was the same, it was a different school and everyone greeted him and treated him well, they approached him to talk about what they did on the weekend and their things, Timmy did not understand anything, in this world they all liked him and everyone treated him well, until that moment..

The days passed and Timmy did not know yet how to get out of that place, every day he entered the tree but nothing happened, every day was different, he felt that his new friends stopped him from treating well and they started to look strange, his new family was no longer so kind to him, everything was going back to how in his real life, he did not understand that drastic change on everyone's part. After three weeks his new life was similar to the new one, and nobody greeted him at school, nobody came to him to tell him his things or talk to him, his family no longer expected him to eat or treat him with the same affection, Timmy wanted to know why, why everything has to be so unpleasant in his life and decides to ask someone at school why they no longer speak to him or come up to him? and he replied "For a few weeks ago you have become an unpleasant person and negative, little talkative and very insecure of yourself, no one likes people like that and that's why nobody wants to be near you anymore" without saying more, the young man who said that to Timmy decides to leave the place, Timmy was left with a void in his chest and sad of what he had heard, he waited until the bell rang and he could go home and ask the same question to his "brother" when he answered the same thing that the young man in the school had told him, it was when Timmy understood all at last.

After several hours of crying and feeling bad about himself, he understood that he must change as a person, that he is the cause of having such a negative and sad life, because of his way of being and acting, that if he were to stop being so negative and be more friendly, talkative and good person would receive the same treatment by everyone and also have a happy life, like the one that had the first days that came to this new house, after having understood everything, Timmy decides to try again to enter to the tree, when this time it works and the same thing happens, after fainting and the hours will pass, Timmy returned to the lake, to his old home and thanks the tree, for having taken him to that place where it was best known how person and learned a very important lesson, "You reap what you sow."


Since then Timmy was a friendly, supportive and positive person with everyone, he began to have more friends and his parents began to value him more, and so Timmy finally had the life he had always wanted, one full of happiness, all thanks to that strange tree next to the side that Timmy has not stopped visiting daily to thank it and to protect it.


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